MWC 2013: NEC unveils new miniature wireless outdoor unit

NEC claims the new outdoor unit, designed for use with its iPASOLINK split-mount microwave communications system, is one third the volume and half the weight of existing models

MWC 2013: NEC unveils new miniature wireless outdoor unit

NEC Corporation has introduced a new wireless outdoor unit (ODU) to its existing split-mount microwave communications system, iPASOLINK. NEC said it is the smallest and lightest of its kind in the market and first shipments are scheduled for March 2013.

The ODUs small size and low weight allows for fast and flexible installations in areas with limited space, such as busy telecommunication towers and prime rooftop locations. Its volume of 1 litre (1/3 the capacity of existing models) and weight of 2kg (1/2 the weight of existing models) is achieved by using miniaturized microwave receiver components, highly integrated circuits, and a high-density design.

Furthermore, the ODU enables dynamic control of power consumption in response to the signal strength of radio wave transmission, resulting in as high as 30% reduction in power consumption when compared to existing products. Moreover, the ripple shaped fin on the back side of the ODU enables highly efficient heat dissipation while providing power output that is equivalent to conventional products.

The miniaturisation achieved in our new advanced ODU model draws on the design and field expertise gained over 30 years of supplying microwave transmission systems throughout the world,’ said Hiroya Nakata, Vice President and General Manager at NEC Corporation.

‘The new ODU will reduce site rental and workforce costs during installation and it will also reduce our customers' energy bills. This is yet another example of how NEC uses practical innovation to deliver business value to our customers.’

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