MWC 2013: Spirent brings added realism to testing the mobile experience to the lab

Captured real world RF conditions can be transferred to the lab to provide much more accurate predictions of quality experience end-users have on their mobile devices

MWC 2013: Spirent brings added realism to testing the mobile experience to the lab

Spirent Communications, a leader in testing wireless networks, services and devices, unveiled its new Live2Lab portfolio of test solutions at MWC 2013. With Live2Lab, end-user mobile experience can be assessed in a more realistic and predictive way than has previously been possible in a lab environment, allowing mobile device and wireless infrastructure performance issues to be consistently reproduced and diagnosed prior to commercial deployment.

Leveraging assets from its acquisition of Metrico Wireless in 2012, Spirent’s service experience measurement tools such as Datum and Nomad are at the heart of the Live2Lab solutions. These tools are available as stand-alone solutions or as part of Fit4Launch and Insights services for benchmarking and quantifying the subscriber experience of wireless services.

Offering end-to-end measurements for voice quality, call performance, data speed, and multi-service performance, the service experience tools can objectively predict end-user quality of experience on any device, any operating system, on any network around the world.

Live2Lab also offers the capability to replay data captured on live networks, making it possible to execute repeatable tests with a level of realism unprecedented in a lab-based solution. Captured RF environment data is mapped to the Spirent VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator using the Virtual Drive Test Conversion Tool. 

The VR5 provides a replay capability for the RF environment, in conjunction with lab-based network infrastructure, or with the Spirent CS8 Mobile Device Tester, which is used to emulate the wireless network. All of this testing is made easy with Spirent iTest’s Play environment, which automates all test system components, results reporting, and troubleshooting analysis.

‘By offering the most realistic solution on the market for device benchmarking, regression testing, and debugging of real-world issues, Live2Lab helps to get technology and services deployed faster and with higher subscriber satisfaction,’ said Spirent vice president of Wireless Nigel Wright. ‘These solutions offer service providers, wireless infrastructure vendors, and device manufacturers a much more effective way to accurately predict end-user experience in the lab – a long-standing industry need.’

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