Alcatel-Lucent and Regional Telecom to bring first 4G LTE network to Iraq

A-L to provide Iraqi mobile service provider with next-generation services to boost economic development efforts in Iraq through the delivery of high-speed Internet access, high-definition video content and advanced online business applications

Alcatel-Lucent and Regional Telecom to bring first 4G LTE network to Iraq

Alcatel-Lucent and Regional Telecom, a communications service provider in Northern Iraq, are to launch the nation’s first 4G LTE network, providing the region with lightning-fast wireless broadband services including high-definition video streaming, high-speed Internet access and a range of business services.

The new network will be the first in Iraq to offer large-scale wireless broadband services, helping in the restoration of the nation’s communication infrastructure impacted by the tough times of political unrest. The network will provide significant support to ongoing efforts to revive the Iraqi economy, bringing levels of connectivity needed for business, public sector and consumer applications.

Alcatel-Lucent is providing its end-to-end 4G LTE solution, including base stations, IP mobile backhaul for 4G LTE and existing 3G CDMA traffic, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and elements of its platforms, which will allow Regional Telecom to introduce a rich portfolio of advanced IP-based services.

Kawa Junad, chairman of Regional Telecom, said: ‘Broadband services are the lifeblood of the modern digital economy, but Iraq has been without widely available broadband for more than a decade, in effect cutting off the country, our businesses and our citizens from the rest of the world. The introduction of 4G LTE services in Northern Iraq promises to change that, making a significant contribution to the country’s efforts to rejoin the global community.’

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