MWC 2013: ZTE unveils Magic Series of remote radio units and 4G cloud radio solution

New, smaller ZTE remote radio units are 58% smaller than the industry standard and deliver lower power consumption, multi-mode capabilities

MWC 2013: ZTE unveils Magic Series of remote radio units and 4G cloud radio solution

ZTE has launched the Magic range of RRUs (remote radio units) and its 4G cloud radio solution at Mobile World Congress 2013.

The RRUs are based on ZTE’s SDR (software defined radio) series of base stations, offering smaller size, lower power consumption, multi-mode and multi-sector performance.

The Magic series includes 3 RRU modules which have been developed in response to operator requirements for reduced power consumption, fast site construction, small space occupation, and multi-mode coexistence.

The smallest RRU in the Magic series, the 80W module, has a size/weight of 9.9L/12kg, a new record in the industry, the company claims. This is 58% smaller than the average RRU. The small but high-performance Magic RRUs can be installed in just five minutes.

At the top of the Magic range, the 2×60W module is just 12L, but features the highest power output in the industry. The heavy-duty 2×60W module is ideally suited to scenarios requiring large capacity, wide coverage, and the coexistence of multiple radio modes.

In addition, a single RRU can provide enough bandwidth coverage for multi-mode application, providing sufficient resources for a GSM/UMTS/LTE system for example, helping operators to build highly-integrated multi-mode networks.

Another module is equipped with highly integrated 3T RF modules, which is suitable for deployment on three-sector sites, providing coverage over three sectors and reducing equipment purchase costs. The 3T module also has low power consumption - as much as 14 percent less than traditional solutions, keeping operation costs low.

‘The new range of Magic RRUs maintains ZTE’s lead in providing mobile networks that are designed for today’s and tomorrow’s network need – lowering TCO and improving network capabilities across the board,’ said ZTE VP, Pu Yingchun.

The ZTE’s Magic series RRUs therefore feature compact size, full bandwidth, high power output, high integration, low power consumption, and smooth evolution from one mobile standard to the next, meeting the requirements of a wide range of application scenarios, and helping operators to flexibly build low-cost but high-performance GSM/UMTS/LTE networks.

4G cloud radio solution

ZTE also launched its 4G cloud radio solution at Mobile World Congress. The cloud radio is a flexible solution that can adapt to existing transmissions for operators. This adaptability improves network performance. Moreover, cloud radio enables dynamic coordination and guarantees a smooth user experience, especially on the cell edge.

‘ZTE never stops innovating for our customers, and we are proud to announce our cloud radio solution,’ said ZTE Vice President Dr. Wang Shouchen. ‘We expect cloud radio will bring a plethora of benefits to operators as 4G progresses.’

Cloud radio is an emerging solution and aimed to help operators solve a series of key problems during network evolution progress to 4G, such as unbalanced load in 2G, 3G and LTE networks, uneven cell edge user experiences and more.

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