MWC 2013: ZTE improves UMTS spectrum efficiency by 40%

UMTS radio performance solution improves radio network control, uplink capacity, interference cancellation and transmission power of the remote radio unit

MWC 2013: ZTE improves UMTS spectrum efficiency by 40%

ZTE unveiled its new UMTS Radio Performance Solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which it claims delivers a 40% improvement in spectrum efficiency to help operators enhance network performance.

ZTE’s UMTS Radio Performance Solution is comprised of four sub-solutions: En-Performance solution, Capacity SON solution, MUD (Multi User Detection) solution and CRAN RRU (remote radio unit) solution.

The En-Performance solution offers capabilities for signalling storm suppression, CP/UP resource sharing, bearer pre-configuration, and concurrent handover function, improving RNC performance by 30% to 100%, and enhancing the control plane processing performance of base stations by 60%. The En-Performance solution has been successfully deployed by carriers including China Unicom and Hong Kong CSL.

The Capacity SON Solution utilises ZTE’s patented power control technology in the uplink, increasing uplink capacity by 35% to 50%, independent of the end-user terminal. For the downlink, the power optimisation feature for common control channels will increase the downlink capacity by 10%. In addition, the use of load-based radio parameter self-optimisation technology will enhance the user experience.

The MUD Solution, based on IC (Interference Cancelation) technology, significantly increases the system capacity by reducing the interference between users. Result from laboratory testing shows that this technology is capable of delivering a 30% to 60% gain.

ZTE’s MUD Solution has been successfully deployed for commercial use in multiple countries, generating performance gains of more than 10% at the entire network level in each deployment. Combined with the upcoming 768CE baseband board, the MUD solution will enhance network performance further, the company said.

The CRAN RRU solution is an upgrade of existing multi-RRU technology, improving network coverage in complex scenerios such as indoor and street corners in urban areas. The transmission power of the RRU is increased from the previous 80W to the current 120W.

In addition, together with the multi-antenna joint detection and scheduling, which improves the power and code resources utilisation in multi-RRU scenarios, the downlink capacity gain is increased by 50%. Consequently, the site performance with multi-RRU networking is greatly strengthened.

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