MWC 2013: Aricent unveils new M2M solutions for the connected car and home

Connected Car and Connected Home solutions will leverage Aricent’s end-to-end LTE offering to create in-vehicle infotainment systems and allow consumers to remotely access, monitor and control home devices

MWC 2013: Aricent unveils new M2M solutions for the connected car and home

Technology services company The Aricent Group announced the launch of its Connected Car and Connected Home solutions and services at Mobile World Congress 2013. The new solutions are powered by the company’s end-to-end LTE offerings and supported by domain experts.

According to a recent forecast by Machina Research, there will be 18 billion M2M connections by the end of 2022 with consumer electronics (cameras, music players, TVs and cars) and intelligent buildings (security and HVAC systems) accounting for almost 70% of the total connections.

At the same time, M2M revenues will grow to USD$1.2 trillion in 2022, a CAGR of 18%. Aricent believes this is a huge opportunity for equipment manufacturers to help service providers of the connected world realize cost-savings and generate new revenue streams, while helping to evolve the M2M landscape with innovative services and offerings.

Connected Car solution

Today’s consumers expect to stay connected wherever they are, while at home or on the road, and Aricent’s Connected Car solution empowers equipment manufacturers to meet this demand.

Aricent’s LTE Connected Car offering enables automotive manufacturers to create innovative in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI), media entertainment platforms, which help the automotive value chain to enrich infotainment services and provide a seamless extension of media experiences to the car.

Users can leverage Aricent’s Connected Car solution to enable the following sample of services:

  • In-car entertainment with the capabilities to download movies, upload pictures while on-the-go and stream up to four video files simultaneously on different clients from a private or public server
  • Remote home monitoring (surveillance)
  • Control connected devices at home (thermostats, lights, TVs, etc.)
  • Media synchronization between the mobile device and the car head end unit
  • Wi-Fi handoff
  • Media sharing with friends and family
  • Monitor a vehicle’s status (oil level, battery condition, tire pressure, etc.) and create alerts via SMS for passing certain thresholds
  • Provide vehicle location and status information to programmed emergency contacts

Connected Home solution

Aricent’s LTE Connected Home solution enables home equipment manufacturers to meet the needs of today’s consumers who are interested in remotely accessing, monitoring and controlling home devices.

For optimal interconnectivity, the solution suite supports a wide range of standards and certifications including DLNA, UPnP, Open IPTV, NGconnect, 3GPP, DASH/IMS, MPEG-DASH, SIP, HLS (Apple) and HTTP streaming stacks.

Users can leverage Aricent’s Connected Home solution suite to enable the following sample of services:

  • Home entertainment
  • Home monitoring and device control (lighting, appliances, and locks)
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR)
  • Surveillance (PIP)
  • Media synchronization
  • Media share
  • Content adaptation
  • Remote Streaming
  • Energy management

Pratyush Dasgupta vice president and head of wireless practice, at Aricent Group, said: ‘Growing device convergence and changing lifestyle demands have driven the telematics market to be top-of-mind for the wireless industry as companies in the connected world value chain are shifting their focus towards equipping all types of potential environments – from cars to homes – with wireless connectivity.

‘Aricent’s LTE Connected Car and Connected Home solutions demonstrate the technical potential of next-generation telematics while reducing time-to-market and lowering deployment costs for equipment manufacturers,’ said Dasgupta.

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