MWC 2013: Truphone upgrades free app with cost prediction, encrypted calling and reactive sound quality

Latest version of Truphone’s Apple and Android apps showcases the company’s next step on the path to providing a converged GSM and Wi-Fi service

MWC 2013: Truphone upgrades free app with cost prediction, encrypted calling and reactive sound quality

Truphone announced new versions of its applications for Android and iOS devices at Mobile World Congress. It adds features such as a call cost indicator that informs users how much a call will cost per minute even before they dial.

Other new features added as part of the Truphone 5.1 App update include encrypted internet calling and a reactive voice engine that ensures users always receive the best possible sound quality, no matter where they are. Truphone is also introducing market-leading calling rates to 150 countries and eliminating call connection fees.

Truphone provides a SIM-based offering that works in more than 200 countries and significantly reduces the cost and complexity of international mobile roaming.

Truphone is also a leader in internet calling (VoIP), having launched the first ever voice over internet application for a mobile phone. The Truphone App has millions of downloads across the world and gives users secure Wi-Fi calling at a high quality and reduced cost.

‘We’re making the smartphone into a better phone – one that is easier to use, costs less and makes better quality calls,’ said Duncan Steblyna, product manager at Truphone. ‘If you’re not sure how much the call will cost, you might not want to pick up the phone – but if you can see that the call is free, or just a few pennies per minute then you’ll just press call.’

Steblyna continued: ‘Experience shows us that if you have better quality calls, you will make more of them – so we have created a way to make sure the call is always made at the best available sound quality and can even adapt in the middle of a conversation.’

The v5.1 App update paves the way for Truphone+, a service Truphone will release later in 2013 and which will bring together the GSM and internet calling services into one integrated network. Truphone+ will allow users to move seamlessly between the Truphone international mobile network and Wi-Fi zones, thereby offering better value and call quality.

Truphone+ users can also benefit from Truphone’s existing services, such as the ability to use multiple international phone numbers on a single SIM.

Key features of the Truphone Application v5.1:

  • Call cost indicator – shows how much the call will cost even before you dial, as well as highlighting free calls
  • Call quality analyzer -  makes sure the caller always receives the best available sound quality, even if the connection changes in the middle of the conversation
  • Encrypted internet calling – lets users make highly secure calls, whether using a Wi-Fi network or GSM

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