MWC 2013: Bluwan and Giza Systems partner to accelerate Middle East HetNet rollouts

Joint partnership brings disruptive multi-gigabit point to multipoint backhaul capacity solution to over twenty countries

MWC 2013: Bluwan and Giza Systems partner to accelerate Middle East HetNet rollouts

Bluwan, a provider of carrier-grade multi-gigabit wireless solutions, announced at Mobile World Congress that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Giza Systems, a leading systems integrator and solution provider in Egypt and the Middle East.

Responding to the dramatic increase in demand for mobile broadband in the Middle East, the two companies will provide CAPEX and OPEX efficient multi-gigabit backhaul to metro and dense urban areas. This will enable mobile network operators in the region to accelerate their heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployments. 

The partnership leverages Giza Systems’ intimate knowledge of the specific challenges faced by operators in the region and Bluwan’s LinkFusion point to multipoint millimetre (PTMP) wave backhaul system. Together they aim to deliver on the promise of faster and ubiquitous mobile broadband.

LinkFusion (PTMP) backhaul system

Bluwan said its LinkFusion product, which operates in the 42GHz band, is better suited to meet the demand for increased network bandwidth density than traditional backhaul approaches. It provides the high bandwidth requirements for increased network density that previous point to multipoint systems could not accommodate. It avoids the expensive trenching of laying cable, and has a much lower total cost of ownership than traditional Point to Point (PTP) wireless backhaul solutions.

The company said that for the first time, point to multipoint technology can deliver the guaranteed and maximum performance of point to point but in a multipoint architecture. LinkFusion delivers up to 10Gbps per transmission hub, and up to 240Mbps throughput per terminal.

This enables operators to backhaul up to twenty base stations from a single sector, each with dedicated bandwidth. The system’s TDD architecture also gives operators the flexibility to configure their bandwidth needs based on actual customer demand, leveraging the 4 GHz spectrum, which is widely available in the region.

LinkFusion relay option

The LinkFusion system also offers a relay product, giving operators the ability to extend the range of the system, but also overcome traditional point to multipoint line of sight challenges. Operators can also benefit from the wide array of antennas to light up street canyons in their metro cell deployments.

In an economic environment where operators are urgently seeking to reduce their year on year operational costs, Bluwan’s LinkFusion delivers a system that directly slashes site acquisition, planning, operations and maintenance overheads without compromising performance.

Shehab ElNawawi, chairman and CEO at Giza Systems, said: ‘The demand for mobile broadband in the Middle East in the past year alone has been exacerbated by increased consumer usage of mobile TV, over the top (OTT) and mobile cloud services. Bluwan’s LinkFusion backhaul solution is able to provide both the speed and capacity required for the cell densification we are seeing in the region. It also matches our common goal to enable carriers to deliver a stellar customer experience while keeping operating costs under control.’

Shayan Sanyal, chief commercial officer at Bluwan, added: ‘Giza Systems’ deep knowledge of its customer base, and stunning track record in bringing disruptive technologies to the region complements our mission to increase our regional reach in the Middle East and North Africa. This is the next step in Bluwan’s growth strategy, and a partner like Giza Systems, with a Centre of Excellence around our solutions, will help operators in the region rapidly unlock the value of their RAN and Carrier Wifi investments.’

The partnership covers more than twenty countries, from North Africa to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC). Operator trials have begun in the United Arab Emirates, and will continue in Egypt, where Giza Systems is headquartered.

About Bluwan

Bluwan’s carrier grade multi-gigabit wireless transmission technology allows service providers to increase the throughput and capacity of existing networks. Operating in the 12GHz and 42GHz spectrum bands, Bluwan’s technology can be deployed primarily for mobile backhaul and wide area broadband access applications.

Offering fibre-like speeds and capacity, its compact radio antennas allow service providers to deploy multimedia services at a fraction of the cost of deploying optical fibre, whether to individual cell sites or to customer premises.

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