MWC 2013: Cloudberry Mobile and Ubiquisys offer small cell managed service for operators

Turn-key managed service built on Cloudberry’s proven operational experience and Ubiquisys’ intelligent small cells

MWC 2013: Cloudberry Mobile and Ubiquisys offer small cell managed service for operators

Cloudberry, the Norwegian provider of small cells as a managed service, and Ubiquisys, the UK developer of intelligent small cells, have announced that they are working together on a new managed service offering that enables any mobile operator to deploy small cells.

The service is designed to be especially suitable for operators and MVNOs with limited infrastructure assets. It combines Cloudberry’s operational experience in small cell SON (self-organising network) deployments with Ubiquisys’ intelligent small cells. The potential is to create complementary new networks of autonomous small cells with cloud-based connection and management.

The two companies said that today, most operators are looking to augment network capacity and solve in-building signal problems with small cells. The demand from enterprises is particularly strong – there are clear productivity benefits to going mobile, but modern construction methods tend to make office buildings some of the worst places to get a decent signal.

Small cells provide coverage and capacity at unbeatably low operational costs, but many smaller operators and MVNOs lack the network assets, IT infrastructure and manpower to launch and deploy them successfully.

Cloudberry’s managed service solves this problem by hosting a small cell gateway and remotely operating all of the logistics of rolling out enterprise and residential small cells. Building on their expertise in rolling out small cell SONs, Cloudberry works with the operator to integrate the small cell deployment with existing business processes.

One of the key requirements of this solution is that each installation must be simple – a task for a third party IT contractor, and definitely not a radio engineering project. This is where Ubiquisys intelligent small cells come in, as they are the only fully automatic small cells in use today, according to the company. They continuously adapt to their radio environment and autonomously creating a SON with no manual input or local controller required.

‘The telecom industry as we know it will be dead in two years,’ says Tom Guldberg, CEO Cloudberry. ‘Working with Ubiquisys intelligent cell technology, we’re enabling every mobile operator to join the small cell revolution.’

Chris Gilbert, CEO of Ubiquisys, added: ‘Cloudberry has encapsulated their considerable operational experience, added our intelligent technology, and created a new way for operators to improve their networks, free of the restrictions and cost of traditional infrastructure. We share this vision and are delighted to be working together.’

Ubiquisys is in Hall 1at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 25-28 February 2013. 

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