MWC 2013: Ubiquisys and Cygnus Broadband partner for small cell LTE video streaming

Ubiquisys incorporates Cygnus eQoE technology into its Smart Cell solution to increase capacity utilization by more than 15% to improve video streaming on LTE small cells

MWC 2013: Ubiquisys and Cygnus Broadband partner for small cell LTE video streaming

Rich media streaming specialist Cygnus Broadband and small cell developer Ubiquisys are working together to provide LTE small cell users with a superior experience when streaming rich media content.

LTE small cells in busy hotspots are ideal for serving rich media content such as streaming video, providing seamless secure connections with fast low-latency performance. But with the rapid growth in LTE data usage, these small cells will regularly be running at close to full capacity. In these circumstances it is the quality of video streaming that tends to be most affected, a problem that cannot be solved by centralized core network applications.

The joint solution combines Cygnus Broadband's eQoE software with Ubiquisys' smart cell, a range of intelligent LTE/3G/Wi-Fi small cell hotspots with an integrated computing platform based on Intel architecture. 

Cygnus eQoE looks at application-layer LTE video traffic passing through the smart cell. It uses packet inspection to estimate the quantity of video queued in each user's device buffer, then dynamically adjusts the flow to that device accordingly. The result is a smooth video experience for mobile users that automatically adapts to cell congestion.

The application is distributed and remotely provisioned on smart cells through the Intel AppUp SMB Service, which is built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud software platform that enables service providers to deliver the benefits of cloud computing on distributed networked devices.

‘Video is the real test of mobile QoE because any time the user has to wait for content to buffer it ruins the whole experience,’ said Pete Keevill, Vice President of Engineering and co-founder of Ubiquisys. ‘Running Cygnus video optimization on the smart cell, closer to mobile users, releases the full potential of universal LTE streaming.’

‘We are very happy to join forces with Ubiquisys. Their smart cell provides an exceptional enabler for our technology,’ said Ken Stanwood, CEO, Cygnus Broadband, a subsidiary of US firm Wi-LAN Inc. ‘Our joint solution delivers an improved user experience while allowing cell capacity utilization to be increased by 15% or more.’

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