Savox Communications launches new PTT unit for two way radios

The Savox C-C440 provides a remote push to talk facility and is ideal for use by fireman wearing gloves, along with a wide range of other industries and utilities

Savox Communications launches new PTT unit for two way radios

Savox Communications has enhanced its range of professional radio accessories with the launch of a new two way radio Push To Talk (PTT) unit/communications controller, the Savox C-C440. 

The Savox C-C440 Unit is connected to the user’s professional two way radio and provides a remote PTT facility via a large, easy to access surface button. The unit can be secured to the users clothing, typically on the chest, which means there is no need to repeatedly reach for the two way radio itself to operate it. The C-C440 is ideal for use when the radio is required to be worn underneath protective clothing.

The large surface PTT also provides easier and more consistent operation of the two way radio in situations where the hands are being used primarily for other tasks. The unit is designed to be used with heavy duty gloves such as those used by firefighters.

Savox said that one of the main benefits of this new device is the extreme durability which this unit provides. Being rugged and durable for use in the most extreme situations, the product is approved to the IP67 standard, which means it is totally dust proof and submersible in water up to depth of 1m. ATEX compliant versions will become available soon. 

One totally new feature of the C-C440 is the emergency button, which provides a manual method of sending an alert via the radio to notify controllers that the user is in distress (this only works with radio models that provide this feature). The Savox C-C440 includes a 4 pole quick release connector which means it is compatible with the wide range of Savox bone microphones and other types of headsets, providing flexibility for the user.

The new physical form includes ‘castellations’ on the periphery of the unit for improved grip and operation of the product when in the hand. The unique tactility of the large surface area PTT button has been improved and it can be operated even from the extreme edge of the button.  

It is rugged, lightweight and ideal for use by firefighters, but is also suited for use in other sectors where clear communication is essential such as oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants, water treatment facilities, power generation, distribution and mining.

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