MWC 2013: Ubiquisys and Jin-Magic partner to improve small cell performance

Jin-Magic software ensures that when small cells are heavily loaded the traffic is dynamically optimised to share resources fairly between users and technologies

MWC 2013: Ubiquisys and Jin-Magic partner to improve small cell performance

UK small cell provider Ubiquisys has teamed up with Japanese software developer Jin-Magic to improve the performance and quality of experience of small cells. By dynamically optimising TCP (transmission control protocol) sessions can be increased multiple times to improve the quality of the end user experience in a fair and democratic way.

The two companies aim to increase the performance of small cells when they are subject to heavy traffic loading. Metrocells provide coverage and capacity in hotspots over 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi interfaces, but any of these interfaces, as well as their backhaul IP connection, can regularly run at close to their full capacity.

When this happens it leads to a TCP tug-of-war, which creates an inefficient sharing of resources between users and technologies, additional network signalling traffic and an erratic user experience, unless some kind of intelligent data flow management is brought into play.

‘Small cells combine multiple technologies an use commodity backhaul to deliver high quality capacity at minimum cost. Jin-Magic’s innovative software means they continue to deliver even at very high utilisation,’ said Pete Keevill, VP Engineering and co-founder, Ubiquisys. 

‘Our smart cell provides the computing power to run robust applications like Jin-Magic where they are most useful and effective – at the edge of the network.’

Koji Morihiro, President and CEO of Jin-Magic, added: ‘Jin-Magic software is extremely efficient and scalable – light enough to run on a smartphone, but powerful enough to handle a million simultaneous TCP sessions when run in the network. The Ubiquisys smart cell provides a compelling new platform for Jin-Magic to do its work where it matters most – close to mobile users.’

The Jin-Magic software runs on an Ubiquisys smart cell, which has an integrated computing platform based on Intel architecture. By monitoring all of the TCP/IP traffic as it passes through the cell, Jin-Magic software balances and stabilises individual TCP sessions without making any changes to packets, data or protocol. 

The software is capable of maximising bandwidth utilisation of the end-to-end network and enables fair sharing of the available bandwidth among users. This gives an improvement across both the backhaul and each of the licensed or unlicensed air interfaces, which greatly adds to the usable cell capacity and delivers a robustly consistent quality of experience for all users.

The application is distributed and remotely provisioned on smart cells through the Intel AppUp SMB service, which is built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud software platform.

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