MWC 2013: Nokia Siemens Networks simplifies network and service operations

New suite of products and services addresses challenge of simplifying operations for mobile operators as underlying network becomes increasingly complex

MWC 2013: Nokia Siemens Networks simplifies network and service operations

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a suite of products and services to help operators cut through the growing complexity of running mobile broadband networks. The new products and services are required as operators expand 3G networks, roll out LTE (long term evolution), and deploy small cells. 

‘Dealing with diversity in the operations environment has a new urgency for operators as new technologies, services and devices drive exponential growth in data demand, and higher expectations for performance and quality,’ said Peter Patomella, head of OSS, Nokia Siemens Networks. ‘To help operators address these challenges, and shift and simplify their approach, Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a suite of product and services capabilities.’ 

Simplified Operations covers both network operations and service operations, in each case helping operators with specific tools that automate processes, improve information flows and give them greater control of their operations. 

To help simplify network operations, Nokia Siemens Networks is launching new content packs as part of its off-the-shelf Operations on Demand platform. These are:

Network 360 provides a map-based overview of the entire multi-technology and multi-vendor network, and network domains to speed up both troubleshooting and trouble resolution.

Automated LTE Site Creation speeds up site creation and reduces costs by providing error free and automated end-to-end processes with integrated intelligent self organising network (SON) (iSON) capabilities.

Location Area Based Subscriber Balancer enables automated subscriber balancing of Mobile Switching Centre Servers (MSS) for better network availability for end users at a lower cost.

SON Operations

ManagerNokia Siemens Networks’ Operations on Demand is also the engine behind the company’s multi-vendor SON Operations Manager. In addition to providing detailed network views, it offers control, coordination and prioritization for all simultaneously active iSON functions. Together with the Automated LTE Site Creation content pack, it provides benefits such as faster integration of base stations, in minutes instead of days. 

Network Cloning Service

Another key capability for simplifying network operations is Network Cloning Service. This innovative offline process has now been extended to the SGSN in the core network. The capability to replicate SGSN configuration helps operators reduce the time needed to upgrade network infrastructure from months to days. 

Performance Manager

To simplify service operations and help operators bridge their network operations and service operations, the new offering includes a new off-the-shelf LTE content pack for the company’s Performance Manager. This content pack extracts the most relevant LTE network insights for monitoring and analyzing the performance of LTE networks. 

Service Fulfilment 

Nokia Siemens Networks is also introducing a Service Fulfilment solution that further simplifies service operations by speeding up the process of launching and activating services. This solution and the Service Operations & Management offering launched in 2012 can be delivered through the company’s world-first vendor-operated Service Management Capability Center. By activating services more quickly and improving service quality, the combined offering helps operators significantly reduce service-related customer complaints. 

‘With all these new solutions for simplifying operations, our goal is to help operators improve information flows, automate their systems and processes, and prevent the isolation we often see between many functions in the operator organization. As networks become increasingly complex, we are committed to helping operators keep it simple by redefining how they organize their network and service operations,’ added Patomella. 

The Nokia Siemens Networks Solution Experience Centre is in Hall 3, 3B14 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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