MWC 2013: Wood & Douglas unveils flood detection and prevention M2M platform

New platform will provide monitoring and control service to help cut the £1bn spent per annum on flood prevention and up to £3bn cost of insurance payouts in the UK

MWC 2013: Wood & Douglas unveils flood detection and prevention M2M platform

Wood & Douglas has developed a complete remote monitoring, management and response platform using the mobile network for early warning of flood. Flooding costs the UK £1bn a year in flood protection, and a further £1bn to £3bn in insurance payouts.

The Wood & Douglas platform is based on two elements. The first is a rugged, flexible GSM communications module that connects with physical sensors located along coastlines and river systems. The second element is a Cloud-based toolkit that collates data before presenting it in easy to read format for improved decision making.

To combat the threat of flooding, environmental agencies need an extremely flexible, rugged, scalable system that can be installed to monitor and provide instant alerts of changing physical conditions. 

Ultima 2 GSM module

Wood & Douglas’ Ultima2 is a GSM module that monitors and communicates critical data from remote locations over the mobile network. With a ‘Deep Sleep’ mode and carrier preselect, the module can operate for up to two years on a single battery pack, minimising maintenance costs. 

Ultima2 can be configured to send regular updates or store more than 900 messages in the onboard logger should connection to the network fail, enough to contain data from scans every 15 minutes for 2.5 years. If unusual or extreme measurements are detected the module will immediately raise an alert via SMS or email. 

Alan Wood, Managing Director, Wood & Douglas said: ‘With Ultima2 we offer one of the most cost effective, fully rounded devices for remote environmental monitoring, no matter how tough conditions get. But, collating and sending data is valueless unless there is an easy way to interpret and action the information coming in.’ 

Remote Data Network Analysis (R-DNA)

To meet this need, Wood & Douglas has created its Remote Data Network Analysis (R-DNA), which provides a complete management and response platform for the data. R-DNA collates the telemetry application data from one to many hundreds of Ultima2 connections for real-time insight.  

A large scale roll out of sensors produces many thousands of responses every hour, the danger is agencies begin to struggle under the weight of ‘big data’, losing sense of the information received, which renders data valueless. With R-DNA, the data is automatically formatted and displayed in tables or graphical reports which are easy to manage and interpret for fast analysis, and improved allocation of resources for tidal or rain fall tracking. 

Ultima2 can then be configured to trigger remote control of physical defences; opening or closing sluices, overflows and flood barriers to reduce the threat and protect property and life. 

Technical specifications: Ultima2

Configurable GPRS and FTP details, TCP/IP and local PC interface, remote PC and web application interface

Five digital inputs / five digital outputs / two analogue inputs

Regular status reports and/or up to 10 configurable alarm transmission for SMS & email 

Deep sleep (40µA) and stand by idle power saving provides long two year battery life, which can be extended to 5+ years with additional battery life products 

Rugged IP67 Enclosure, operates between -20°C to + 55°C

Module conforms to EMC, LVD and R&TTE EU Directives

Dimensions 140mm x 65mm x 50mm excluding antenna and connectors

Weight Approximately 330g

Antenna supplied

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