MWC 2013: Ericsson support solutions aim to simplify network and customer operations

Latest business support offerings include a new media content delivery platform, equipment inventory management tools and an experience driven approach to CRM

MWC 2013: Ericsson support solutions aim to simplify network and customer operations

Ericsson is launching five new support solutions at Mobile World Congress 2013. ‘In support solutions, our focus is to simplify as much as possible,’ said Jaco Fourie, Senior Expert, Business Support Systems, introducing the new products at a briefing in London on 13 February 2013.

‘Our portfolio is focused on configurability, as well as customisation to make it easy for operators to manage their networks and customer operations,’ explained Fourie.

Last year Ericsson introduced a number of support systems including: connected vehicle cloud; integrated charging and policy control; manage end-to-end customer experience; mCommerce; and multi-screen TV. In 2013, Ericsson will bring out five new offerings.

Video optimised content delivery network

Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network uses a single-platform approach to the delivery of managed and unmanaged content across fixed and mobile networks. The platform is designed to help mobile operators take on the OTT service providers by positioning themselves within the media value chain for ‘fast time-to-market, innovation and monetization’.

Mobile order management

Fourie said: ‘One of the biggest problems mobile operators have is fulfilling all the things customers want when they want it. Carriers need to know if a service is failing and be able to sort it out quickly.’

To meet this challenge Ericsson is unveiling a suite of products and services that will enable operators to launch new services in days, rather than months by using what the company calls its ‘factory service approach’.  

The aim of this is to assemble new product offering using proven components, while still being able to provide differentiation and collaboration. It also means operators can offer enterprises rapid, self-service provisioning for employee devices and services.

Plan-to-provision for mobile

Operators often face inventory management difficulties with their equipment, as it will have a variety of legacy and new products within its network. This can make it difficult to keep track of what is where and how to manage it. 

The Plan-to-Provision for Mobile aims to provide a comprehensive solution that accelerates many aspects of provisioning wireless networks. By automating a significant proportion of equipment configuration and activation, operators can improve their network rollout process and improve the design, capacity expansion, discover and reconciliation process from the radio access network. 
This will simplify and help automate OSS and BSS processes for LTE, as well as any 2G, 3G or 4G network.

Experience driven CRM

Ericsson will demonstrate its experience driven approach to customer care and self-service at MWC. The idea is to try and automate as much problem solving as possible to either by enabling the customer to diagnose and correct faults, or by cutting down the time spent talking to contact centres, which cost operators a great deal of money.

Ericsson Cloud Manager

The Ericsson Cloud Manager is designed to optimise infrastructure utilisation and efficiency and make it easy for operators to package services and sell to enterprises. It then makes it easier to manage those packages when they have been sold to improve customer care.

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