Altobridge wins rural mobile broadband contract in Malaysia

Altobridge’s data-at-the-edge solution will be deployed at 300 new mobile broadband sites to deliver 3G services throughout Malaysia

Altobridge wins rural mobile broadband contract in Malaysia

Altobridge, a specialist in technology that cuts the cost of delivering mobile communications, has today announced a major new contract with Maxis Berhad, Malaysia’s leading integrated communications service provider.  

The agreement will see the deployment of over 300 new mobile broadband sites, delivering ultra-low cost 3G services to rural communities, throughout Malaysia which Maxis is undertaking. Close to 200 sites are already in service across some of the remotest parts of Malaysia. 

All sites are enabled with Altobridge’s latest mobile data optimisation feature, Data-at-the-Edge. Data-at-the-Edge (DatE) adds increased intelligence at the radio base station level on mobile networks. In doing so, it dramatically reduces the cost of data delivery between an operator’s core network and the radio base station, according to the company. 

DatE transforms a technical problem into a commercial opportunity, by making mobile data delivery smarter and more efficient. In addition, because content is served locally, the quality of experience is greatly enhanced.

‘Optimising and managing voice and data at the edge of the network delivers savings of over 40% in mobile broadband transmission costs. DatE offers service providers a compelling solution to their spiralling big data delivery costs while at the same time, dramatically improving end-user experience,’ said Mike Fitzgerald, chief executive atAltobridge. 

‘For several years, Altobridge has demonstrated that operational savings are the key to commercially viable network expansion to rural communities. The bandwidth optimisation features which Altobridge has developed, coupled with our VSAT offerings, makes rural deployment a positive proposition, and it enables us to meet our goal of providing nationwide mobile connectivity,’ said Mark Dioguardi, joint chief operating officer at Maxis.

Altobridge, which is headquartered in Ireland with bases in USA, China and Malaysia, has developed a series of patented and patent-pending technologies namely; Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge (intelligent mobile broadband data optimization and delivery across wireless networks); Local Connectivity (local voice switching); and Split Architecture (transmission and power optimization), all of which are designed to drive down communications delivery costs for mobile network operators by reducing backhaul and power consumption costs.

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