Amdocs launches CES 9 customer experience management suite

Latest major portfolio release is designed to deliver real-time integration across network control, business and operational support systems to give service providers access to real time data and end customers a new level of control over their experiences

Amdocs launches CES 9 customer experience management suite

Amdocs, the customer experience systems and services provider, today (5 February 2013) announced the release of Amdocs CES 9, the company’s latest product suite which revolutionises the customer experience. 

The company said that the new release redefines the service provider’s operating environment by delivering real-time integration from the device to the network, breaking down the traditional barriers to service and system convergence and enabling enriched customer experiences.

Amdocs CES 9 provides an integrated suite spanning business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS) and network control domains. The real gain for network operators is that it enables them to rapidly launch and monetise innovative offers, personalising every interaction with real-time insight, and empowering customers to take control of their experiences across any channel, network, service or device – while delivering operational efficiencies.

Previously, service providers had to spend months analysing data on customer trends and behaviour and only then could they come up with new tariffs or offers. Another key benefit of Amdocs CES 9 is that it allows service providers to offer a consistent experience across any channel. Customers rarely appreciate ringing a call centre about an offer, only to be told that it is only available through an online channel, for example.

Customers also appreciate being able to solve problems themselves without having to resort to calling their provider. With calls to contact centre costing service providers anything up to £10, this can save them a great deal of money.

Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs, said: ‘Throughout our three-decade history, Amdocs has always kept the end customer, not the technology, firmly at the centre ? because the customer experience is so central to what service providers do. Today we’re in the midst of a true communications revolution, marked by the rise of mobile data over voice as the key market dynamic, which is dramatically changing the way service providers need to operate. 

‘The result of years of research and of working directly with the world’s leading communications companies, CES 9 is designed to address service providers’ four business imperatives of simplifying the customer experience; harnessing data; staying ahead of the competition and achieving operational efficiency’ said Prudhomme.

CES 9 product highlights:

Amdocs Multichannel Self Service: an intuitive, cross-channel, self-service solution for any device or operating system, delivering a consistent experience from the service provider across all assisted and unassisted touch points, online and mobile channels, as well as across multiple devices. It allows customers to complete 80% of common self-service transactions within three gestures. It also integrates care and commerce flows to turn every self-care interaction into a sales opportunity

Amdocs Proactive Care: based on big data analytics, this solution provides proactive, real-time notifications and recommendations including issue resolution, discounts, new features availability and billing notices which can, based on a benchmark at Amdocs customers,  result in a 20% reduction of calls to the contact centre. 

The solution also integrates with Smart Agent Desktop and Amdocs Multichannel Self Service to guide agents and end users in real time, and proved to be 95% accurate in predicting the reason for incoming calls by leveraging customer behaviour history and usage analysis. 

With real-time proactive care and improved self-service capabilities, Amdocs CES 9 helps service providers improve their Net Promoter Score, the industry-standard measure of customer willingness to recommend, which is directly correlated to customer satisfaction, retention and service provider profitability.  

Amdocs Omni Convergent Charging: integrates Amdocs’ real-time charging, policy control, enterprise product catalogue, and service platform to allow service providers to define, deliver and dynamically monetise any convergent service and allow their customers to choose any package at any time and pay for it à-la-carte 

Amdocs Business Building Blocks (BBBs): pre-integrated and pre-tested software functionality designed to support specific business needs and reduce time to market

Amdocs Network Navigator: simplifies the way network planners interact with and navigate through complex network hierarchies and relationships, delivering up to 50% reduction in time to complete planning, fulfilment and assurance processes for new services and next generation networks

Amdocs OTT (over-the-top) Monetisation: enriches partner price plans with quality of service capabilities and predictive analytics for business optimisation. Enables service providers to partner with content and app providers and increase revenue from these providers by up to 25%, and allows end users to benefit from higher quality of service and personalised experiences when consuming OTT content such as streaming video

Amdocs CES 9 enables the experience play by uniquely offering: 

Real-time, end-to-end integration across BSS, OSS and network control domains with a holistic customer view and a common enterprise product catalogue, reducing time to market of innovative offerings

Rapid time to production with proprietary knowledge library of more than 200 industry-specific best-practice processes and a single tool for the unified installation, maintenance and management of the entire BSS-OSS suite

Certification on VMware, improving operational efficiency and reducing hardware size by up to 30%. 

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