Ruckus Wi-Fi deployed for hotspots on ferries and along the River Thames

Global Reach Technology selects Ruckus ZoneFlex system to provide public Wi-Fi hotspots along the Thames and for also for Virgin Media in Leeds and Bradford

Ruckus Wi-Fi deployed for hotspots on ferries and along the River Thames

Ruckus Wireless has announced that Global Reach Technology, a supplier of Wi-Fi, cloud- and IP-based policy management services, has selected its ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi system for a number of high profile Wi-Fi projects in the UK. 

Global Reach has deployed carrier-grade Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor ZoneFlex products for its public hotspot infrastructure along 44km (27 miles) of the River Thames and onboard Thames Clippers London River Ferries (pictured) to support more than 30 million people accessing the river each year. 

In addition to providing public Wi-Fi access through its own Thames Wi-Fi hot zone branded service, planned for Q1 2013, Global Reach is leveraging its high capacity infrastructure to offer wholesale and international roaming services across the 27 miles of river coverage.  

British Telecommunications plc (BT) gives public Wi-Fi access free of charge to all its BT Broadband subscribers via the white-labeled Global Reach service to the Thames River network, while the Transport for London (TFL) authority is using the Wi-Fi infrastructure for private services such as real-time location-based information, tracking boats, network monitoring, timetables, CCTV surveillance and other services.

Global Reach has used new Ruckus ZoneFlex 7782-N, carrier-class 2.4/5 GHz 802.11n outdoor access points (APs) to deploy at main piers crisscrossing the Thames River. 24 Thames Clippers London river ferries are being equipped with ZoneFlex 7363 802.11n indoor dual-band Smart Wi-Fi access points, along with 3G backhaul and ZoneDirector controllers at the Global Reach network operation centers, to provide centralized administration and remote management.

Wi-Fi for Virgin Media Business in Leeds and Bradford

In addition, Global Reach has selected Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi as the standard underlying technology for the City Wi-Fi services it provides for Virgin Media Business in both Leeds and Bradford.  

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762 outdoor dual-band 802.11n APs are being deployed on street furniture by Global Reach to provide a completely free City Wi-Fi service that is open to everyone. Global Reach manages and operates the network for Virgin Media Business, building on a partnership that was originally formed for the rollout of the acclaimed London Underground Wi-Fi service. 

‘To effectively deal with the demands and capacity required to deliver service on this scale, we needed a carrier-grade Wi-Fi network in which our customers could have complete confidence,’ said Nigel Wesley, Chief Executive Officer for Global Reach Technology. ‘At the end of the day, customers don’t really care about how the infrastructure works – they simply want a fast, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi experience, that’s easy to access and use. That’s precisely what we’re delivering with Ruckus.’

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