Thales consortium wins French electronic tagging contract

French Ministry of Justice selects Thales, G4S and Onet Sécurité to design and operate a tagging system for non-custodial offenders

Thales consortium wins French electronic tagging contract

Thales and its consortium partners G4S and Onet Sécurité have been selected by the French Ministry of Justice to design, deploy and operate a new electronic tagging system for individuals under non-custodial sentencing schemes.

In France, electronic monitoring can be used as an alternative to detention for individuals charged with offences and for convicted offenders serving sentences. It reconciles efforts to reduce reoffending rates with the need to protect the interests of victims and support the socioeconomic reintegration of persons benefitting from such schemes.

To date, over 10,000 individuals have been fitted with ankle or wrist devices in France, and the Ministry of Justice plans to significantly increase this number in the next few years.

As a specialist in critical information system and security related services, Thales will be responsible for overall programme management, system integration and IT infrastructure services.

G4S will provide its latest-generation electronic monitoring devices and monitoring application software including a multi-functional GPS tag enabling continuous tracking of offenders' as well as monitoring compliance with traditional curfew based restrictions.

Onet Sécurité will be in charge of the tele-surveillance and call centre operations as well as training services for prison administration staff.

Deployment of the new system is scheduled to begin in 2013. The technological innovations proposed will ensure higher levels of performance and new functionality, including uninterrupted geolocation of the electronic devices. The open, modular architecture adopted will ensure that the solution is interoperable with other systems and can be scaled up over the long term.

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