Sepura terminals certified for use on German BOS digital radio network

A total of 10 Sepura terminals have now been certified for operation on Germany’s emergency services TETRA radio network after passing interoperability tests

Sepura terminals certified for use on German BOS digital radio network

Sepura’s range of TETRA terminals have successfully completed interoperability tests required by BDBOS (the German Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations) for all TETRA radios intended for use on BOS-net.

The move means Sepura becomes the third TETRA terminal manufacturer this month to announce successful certification of its products on the BDBOS network following Motorola Solutions and Cassidian. 

Certification was granted to a total of 10 Sepura terminals ahead of the December 2012 deadline:

STP8038, STP8138, STP8238 

STP9038, STP9138, STP9238

STP8X138, STP8X038

SRH3900, SRG3900

BOS-net is the world’s largest TETRA network, with a projected 4,500 base stations and 64 switches, and will have capacity to support more than 500,000 public safety users when completed in the next two years. The tests and subsequent certification ensure that all devices intended for use on the network function effectively with all other elements, as well as achieving pre-defined performance targets.

The successful certification marks an important milestone for Sepura and Selectric, Sepura’s long-standing partner in Germany, as it cements their leading position in the market. The pairing has already secured contracts for the supply of around 200,000 radios to 10 of the 16 federal states in the country.

In addition to having passed all mandatory certification requirements, the certificates for Sepura’s radios also cover a large number of optional requirements, including gateway and repeater functionality.

‘We are extremely pleased that all Sepura terminals in use on the BOS-net have not only met all the mandatory requirements for certification, but have also demonstrated that they fulfil all of the optional requirements that we have committed to delivering to our BOS customers,’ said Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Regional Director for Northern Europe. 

‘This not only confirms our strong position in the German market, it also has significant implications for decision-making processes within organisations that will start using the BOS network in the future, but have yet to choose their terminal.’

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