Cassidian TETRA radios certified for German BOS radio network

Cassidian’s THR9, THR9 Ex and THR9i portable devices can now be used in the German emergency services digital radio network

Cassidian TETRA radios certified for German BOS radio network

Cassidian’s TETRA radio equipment has passed all the interoperability tests required for its planned use in the German BOS (Security Authorities and Organisations) digital radio network. The equipment was certified by the German Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS) at the end of 2012. 

The certificates were officially presented by Andreas Gegenfurtner, the Vice President of BDBOS, thus enabling Cassidian’s THR9, THR9 Ex and THR9i TETRA models to now also be used in the German digital radio network. 

The certification of hand-held BOS devices is granted based on interoperability tests on special test platforms. In order for the BOS digital radio to be able to function, it is essential that all end devices intended for use work with all other components of the BOS digital radio network in a trouble-free manner, and that they have specific pre-defined performance features. 

For that reason, the conditions for certification are strongly oriented toward maintaining technology requirements, conformity with technical norms and interoperability. 

The BOS digital radio network is the world’s largest TETRA radio network. It is designed for communication by 500,000 users at the same time and will secure communication across governmental authorities, both in daily use and during large-scale events and incidents. It will be made up of 4,300 to 4,500 base stations and 64 core network locations (central exchanges, transit central exchanges and network administration centres).

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