276 organisations connect to the Airwave network on New Year’s Eve

UK’s TETRA emergency service network supported 58,118 users at peak usage across the country in the run up to midnight

276 organisations connect to the Airwave network on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve figures released by Airwave, the critical voice and data communications provider for the UK emergency services, show that a total of 276 organisations were connected to the Airwave Network on 31 December 2012.

Of these, 83 different organisations in London used the Airwave Network on New Year’s Eve, reducing to 69 organisations the following day.

According to Martin Benke, Director Network Operations, Airwave: ‘Millions of people around the world celebrated the New Year and in London alone an estimated 250,000 people lined the streets. However, as with other events of this magnitude, we anticipated the increased usage on the Network and worked with our customers to formulate a readiness plan.’

Benke went on to say that as with all large-scale events, planned or unplanned: ‘we open a conference bridge to enable our customers to contact us directly, so it means we can all be in instant contact with one another’.

Metropolitan Police officers in London made around 1.2 million calls over a 12-hour period, which peaked at over 31,000 calls between 1.45am and 2.00am. Approximately 28 calls were made the second the clock struck twelve.

At around 10pm on the evening, the maximum number of radio users recorded on the entire Network over a 15-minute slot was 58,118, with 12,301 in London. This compares with the annual Notting Hill Carnival which has just under 5,000 users, or during the Queen’s Jubilee Thames River Pageant, which recorded a total of 25,477 radio terminals connected to the Airwave Network during the full 24-hour period on 3 June.

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