Hytera DMR equipment chosen by Arauco Health Service in Chile

Digital mobile radio products with GPS are enabling a better allocation of ambulances and human resources to provide a more efficient healthcare system with faster response times

Hytera DMR equipment chosen by Arauco Health Service in Chile

Hytera is supplying DMR products to Arauco Health Service in Chile to complement and replace its existing analogue system. The driver for the investment is that Arauco Health Service operates with a limited number of doctors, nurses and ambulances and was looking for more effective ways of dispatching and managing these valuable scarce resources. 

To achieve the improvements it was looking for it needed a communication system that would optimise the use of resources by providing a greater awareness of their location; enable better coordination of ambulance transportation of patients; and enhance response times.

Acmetel, Hytera’s partner in Latin America, held a demonstration to explain the functions, features and benefits of Hytera’s DMR products and to showcase how they could help solve the customer’s problems and improve the service it provides. 

The pitch was that Hytera’s DMR digital radio communication system with voice, data and GPS in the VHF and UHF bands would result in a better health care service for the community with the improved response times the customer was looking for. The migration to digital equipment could also be done in a single step, but without having to discard its existing analogue equipment.

Hytera MD78X mobile GPS equipment were selected for vehicles, along with portable PD78X and PD78XG terminals for individuals. The mobile terminals were deployed in ambulances with a back-to-back repeater solution, which enabled the paramedics to communicate freely between the VHF and UHF bands. 

The ambulance crew also have a portable UHF terminal to extend communication in areas that do not have VHF coverage. In addition, Arauco Health Service also invested in Hytera RD98XV repeaters to extend the communication coverage of all the computers in the system, which ensured all users could properly communicate.

The GPS system in the Hytera DMR digital radios means controllers are better able to manage the use of ambulances and the health staff who come to the sites to offer their assistance to the local community.

The Hytera DMR digital radios are also capable of providing a text messaging service that allows them to send information such as addresses, names of a patients, the status of the unit, and so on. The whole monitoring system can be accessed and managed through a computer designed for this service via the SafeSYT software.

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