Embedded consumer electronics device revenues will double to $6.4bn in 2014

Rapid development cycles in consumer electronics are driving new embedded and M2M applications, says Juniper Research

Embedded consumer electronics device revenues will double to $6.4bn in 2014

Analyst Juniper Research has predicted that revenues from products and services delivered over embedded consumer electronics devices will reach $6.4bn (£3.4bn) in 2014, as the sector emerges as a key anchor for the M2M (Machine to Machine) industry.

According to the report, eBook sales and subscriptions will be by far the most important service offered over cellular connected consumer electronics devices; while others have emerged, such as digital photo frames and Sony’s PS Vita games console, the eReader will outweigh all other consumer electronic devices in its ability to bring in revenue.

‘Cellular connectivity is slow to reach the lucrative gaming market since Wi-Fi is sufficient for most use cases,’ noted the report author, Anthony Cox.

Embedded consumer electronics will also be where 4G chipsets first reach the M2M and embedded chipset market, finds the report, although 4G chipset distribution is still at its very early stages.

Further findings from the M2M & Embedded Strategies report include:

M2M and embedded devices to reach close to half a billion M2M and embedded devices by the end of 2017, from a little over 130 million at present

The price of M2M modules will continue to reduce, particularly the price of 3G modules, as automotive and consumer electronics use-cases require improved bandwidth and latency

APIs from M2M specialists are becoming increasingly sophisticated increasing the level of data analysis available to those deploying M2M solutions

4G chipsets, while shipping in very low volumes at present, will find their market in the automotive industry  and specific applications such as live video monitoring.

The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the current state of play in the embedded mobile and M2M market and contains five year forecasts for M2M device numbers, service revenues, connectivity enablement revenues and the value of the hardware market

The M2M ~ Building a Connected World whitepaper and further details of the study ‘M2M & Embedded Strategies: Telematics, CE, mHealth, Metering & Smart Buildings 2011-2016’ can be downloaded from http://www.juniperresearch.com

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