Cassidian unveils portable DXT3p TETRA switch at PMR Expo

The DXT3p switch provides a full set of TETRA features and high capacity for temporary and mobile networks packed into a suitcase which can be carried by one person

Cassidian unveils portable DXT3p TETRA switch at PMR Expo

Cassidian will unveil the DXT3p TETRA switch at the PMR Expo in Cologne (27-29 November 2012). The DXT3p is newest addition to the DXT3 series with the ‘p’ standing for portable.

The switch is designed to offer complete TETRA voice and data services in very compact form. Thanks to the high capacity and full functionality, the DXT3p switch is an attractive choice for setting up temporary networks or for applications where the network itself needs to be mobile. 

The new switch is the size of a suitcase: 48cm wide, 34cm deep and around 30cm in height. The DXT3p only weighs 20-30kg so one person can carry it if necessary. The DXT3p benefits from the powerful feature set of the DXT3 family and provides them in an IP-connected infrastructure. 

As the heart of the TETRA radio network, all other network elements connect to the switch. The DXT3p is an all-in-one package with high capacity, great functionality and extreme resilience. 

The lower power consumption (around 150W) makes it an eco-friendly option, too.Cassidian says the DXT3p is ideally suited for setting up a temporary network in cases of natural or human-induced disasters, such as floods or infrastructure failures. It can also be the temporary solution for large events. Because the switch is portable, it is easy to install it in a vehicle. 

This makes deployment of a communication network extremely quick, while also providing effective security against eavesdropping. Thanks to the ability to use the same TETRA features found in large nationwide networks, rescue organisations can start securely communicating immediately, without further training on new communication systems. 

‘The DXT3p brings totally new crises management toolset for public safety authorities,’says Eric Davalo, CTO of Secure Communication Solutions at Cassidian. ‘This new switch allows the quick setting up of secure, reliable communication infrastructure to areas which either do not have, or have lost, any communication system.’ 

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