Connexion2 launches Identicom 8 Series lone worker device

Latest lone worker devices comprise the entry level Identicom 870 and the Identicom 877 which comes with GPS location facilities; both now include man down alerts and two-way audio communications

Connexion2 launches Identicom 8 Series lone worker device

Lone worker specialist Connexion2 has announced the launch of its latest lone worker identity badges in the shape of its Identicom 8 Series. The company claims the new 870 and 877 devices represent a significant development in dedicated lone worker devices, both for employers and solution providers and lone worker specialists.

The devices are now available for purchase through authorised channel partners and as part of a SoloProtect solution (see below).

Like the original 7 Series Identicom device range, the 8 Series is styled as an identity badge for discreet wear and use and has been designed and manufactured entirely in the U.K. The company says being British-made ensures a tighter control is maintained on quality, as well as being able to react better to market demand. 

The 8 Series range meets the lone worker device requirements laid out by BS8484, but goes further to include:

Configurable one or two way audio depending on risk profile; no other lone worker device on the market delivers such flexibility, according to Connexion2

A 32bit ARM processor platform that allows ‘Over The Air’ (OTA) software upgrades, another market first and one that ensures greater future proofing for employers

A new, web-based configuration process designed to help simplify and speed up the delivery of solutions to customers

The latest Sirf IV GPS technology, which improves the user experience by delivering a quicker time to first fix. Identicom is the first lone worker device to deploy this latest technology.Identicom also retains its Police endorsement via ACPO’s ‘Secured by Design’ award, and was the first dedicated lone worker device to achieve this status.

The 8 Series range offers customers more for less with the entry level Identicom 870 occupying the same price point as its predecessor, the i750. Unlike the former, the 870 is available with automatic ‘Man Down’ detection as standard – thus giving employees working remotely or in difficult environments the additional protection should a slip, fall or unknown health issue occur. The 877 also has this functionality, but with additional GPS location capabilities. 

Two-way audio comms added

Arguably the most important new feature for the 8 Series range is that all devices are now capable of two-way audio communication as standard. For manually raised red alerts an ARC operator may continue to assume it is not appropriate to communicate directly with a user unless instructed to do so – as with the original Identicom 7 Series. 

Discreet one-way comms and Man Down alerts

One-way communication is of paramount importance where situations require discretion in order to prevent the possibility of a lone worker being placed at greater risk. Automatically raised ‘Man Down’ alerts are recognisable by the ARC and therefore can effectively utilise two-way communication as standard, in a speakerphone type configuration in order to help the operator get a quick and clear understanding of the situation facing the lone worker.

In addition, two-way capability will provide the user with the added benefits of being able to use the device as a mobile phone – potentially a way for employers to reduce costs through being able to dispense with company phones for some sections of workers. 

SMS contacts

A user can call a specified number, trigger a text message (SMS) to a specified contact or activate a GPRS location upload to Mobile Workforce Management Platform (MWMP). These features are implemented using three multi-function buttons, located on the front of an Identicom device. The buttons are discreetly covered by the identity card when not in use.  The ability to discreetly and safely raise red alerts is still via a large, easily located button on the rear of the device.

SoloProtect solution

The 8 Series will be a key part of the SoloProtect solution offering from Q4 2012. SoloProtect is the fully managed service for lone workers delivering peace of mind to worker and employer alike. For an all-inclusive price, a SoloProtect solution encompasses the five core elements that are essential for a credible and complete lone worker solution. This includes the Identicom device, SIM Card and inclusive network usage, face-to-face user training, 24 hour manned monitoring and Connexion2’s dedicated customer support team at implementation stage and post sale.

As with the 7 series, the key functions of Red Alert, Amber Alert and the Status Check remain the same. The new devices improve upon these by adding an LCD, temperature sensing technology and being a smaller, sleeker, lighter product.

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