SELEX Elsag to launch DMR Tier III trunked solution at PMR Expo 2012

DMR Tier III product will complete the company’s PMR communication portfolio and provide end users with an alternative trunked solution to TETRA and Tetrapol which will be available from mid-2013

SELEX Elsag to launch DMR Tier III trunked solution at PMR Expo 2012

SELEX Elsag, a Finmeccanica company, is launching its first DMR Tier III trunked solution at the forthcoming PMR Expo 2012, to be held in Cologne (Germany), 27h–29 November.

The SELEX Elsag DMR Tier III trunked solution completes the company’s PMR communication product portfolio. The company says it satisfies users’ needs not met by DMR Tier II conventional solutions and not covered by TETRA trunked solutions owing to radio frequency band availability issues or market constraints.

The launched Tier III solution consist of a logical single-site together with the first DMR Tier III trunked SIMULCAST multi-site system, able to guarantee seamless in-call handover, maintaining voice and data calls with no gaps even when moving from the coverage of one radio site to the coverage of another radio site. The trunked cellular multi-site solution will be available mid-2013.

The SELEX Elsag DMR Tier III solution provides multi-vendor interoperability. Live demonstrations will be offered during the forthcoming PMR Expo 2012 using third parties’ DMR Tier III off-the-shelf terminals. A formal interoperability (IOP) session is scheduled for the end of 2012. 

The solution is designed to comply to all mandatory features included in the DMR Association IOP test suite: registration, single site talk group voice call service, individual voice call service using OACSU on single frequency pair, individual voice call service on single site using OACSU, individual voice call service on single site using FOACSU, control channel hunting, short data message (text) on single site. 

‘SELEX Elsag is committed to open standards. Our DMR Tier III solution is the natural evolution of our TETRA, WiMAX, LTE, GSM-R and DMR Tier II products’ portfolio. We exploit our longstanding presence in the simulcast market, being the world’s first DMR infrastructure equipment manufacturer to successfully complete DMR Association IOP tests in April 2010, as well as the first to offer a dualmode analog FM/digital DMR Tier II simulcast and single site solution to the market from 2005,’ said Andrea Pratesi, Head of Professional Communications Business Unit at SELEX Elsag. 

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a globally-available open digital radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio users, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). It is designed to operate within the existing 12.5kHz channel spacing used in licensed land mobile frequency bands globally and to meet future regulatory requirements for 6.25kHz channel equivalence. The DMR protocol covers unlicensed (Tier I), licensed conventional (Tier II) and licensed trunked (Tier III) modes of operation.

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