Huawei launches first carrier-grade management system wSight for WLANs

Huawei’s wSight product provides integrated reports and smart configuration tools to help manage the increasing number of WLANs mobile operators are deploying in hotspots to handle increased data traffic

Huawei launches first carrier-grade management system wSight for WLANs

Huawei has launched a carrier-grade management system, wSight, to help operators improve the operation and maintenance (O&M) of WLANs (wireless local area networks).

The company believes operators need more help in this area as an increasing number of them are deploying WLANs in hotspots due to their capability for highly efficient mobile data access. The deployments are required because of the rapidly increasing amount of data traffic in the mobile broadband (MBB) era.

High density, massive WLAN Access Points (APs) have been deployed in airports, shopping malls, subways, coffee shops, and other locations that experience highly concentrated user activity, presenting significant challenges for network deployment, configuration, and O&M. Huawei’s wSight, the first carrier-grade management system for WLAN, addresses these challenges, according to the company.

Huawei’s wSight for WLANs serves the same function as standard management systems for telecom networks by providing operators with integrated reports and featuring a smart configuration tool and web-designed infrastructure. The wSight’s integrated reports display network status and network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over a specific period of time. 

The wSight’s smart configuration tool is used to mass-manage network equipment and configure other-vendor equipment according to operator requirements. The wSight’s web-designed infrastructure allows O&M engineers to easily and conveniently manage networks through a web browser.

Huawei’s wSight also provides a consistent Northbound Interface to connect an upper-level management system and meet the unified management requirements for operator networks, in addition to meeting operator O&M needs for WLAN development.

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