Skymasts launches two new TETRA antennas

Indoor ceiling antenna and vertically polarized panel antenna are the latest in Skymasts range of products for critical communications

Skymasts launches two new TETRA antennas

Skymasts has two new TETRA antennas in production in the shape of the 802.00.05.00 TETRA/UHF indoor ceiling antenna and the 750.72.15.00 Vertically Polarized UHF 72° panel antenna.

Carl Jones, managing director at Skymasts, said that the 802 is available from this month (November) while the 750 will be available from early December2012. Jones added that the 802 has already received significant positive feed-back and a growing order book demonstrating that TETRA indoor and DAS systems integrators are demanding ever greater and higher performance products.

Skymasts has a continual TETRA/critical comms product development programme, according to Jones, who said: ‘Our significant investments in the development of new, high end, leading edge technology of wireless antenna and value added complimentary products shall continue.

‘Skymasts has experienced significant growth not only in its home market, but on a global scale. We have a complete and deep understanding that critical comms is exactly what it means and it’s therefore absolutely paramount that each and every antenna and complimentary product offers outstanding and completely reliable performance throughout its lifetime.’

Jones went on to say: ‘Critical comms product developments to us is like formula One Racing Car developments in so much as these high end, leading edge technology developments are filtering through to our standard product portfolio, which in turn offers significant advantage for our customers within other business sectors.’

The 802.00.05.00 TETRA/UHF indoor ceiling antenna

Skymasts describes the 802.00.05.00 as a compact, stylish and efficient indoor antenna designed for use with UHF TETRA and PMR systems. Its ingenious radiator design allows for incredibly broadband operation making the antenna suitable for use within either UHF TETRA frequency band. Its design makes for a discreet installation in any modern office or industrial complex, and the antenna is simple to install with the minimum of fuss.

Electrical & mechanical specifications

Frequency range: 380-470MHz

Input impedance:50ΩVSWR: <2.0:1

Maximum input power: 50 Watts

Polarisation: Vertical

Gain: 1dBi

3 dB Beamwidth: Horizontal 360º; Vertical 80º

Intermodulation IM3: -100dBm (2 x Tx @ 37dBm)

Connection: 500mm RG303 term. ‘N’ type socket

Element: FR4 Printed Circuit

Radome: ABS White Fire Retardant

Mounting: Via 3 screws on 180mm PCD

Dimensions: 231mm (diameter) x 81mm (height)

Weight: 400g

Standard stock models

802.00.05.00: 380-470MHz

802.01.05.00: 380-430MHz

802.02.05.00: 420-470MHz


The 750.72.15.00 Vertically Polarized UHF 72°Panel Antenna

This UHF panel antenna has been designed to offer a very stable radiation pattern whilst giving a very wide bandwidth of operation. This approach enables the use of the antenna for multi carrier operation, and for use where site sharing is also a requirement. 

The antenna features carefully selected high quality components throughout, including the main housing of the antenna being made from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium. The antennas compact design gives very low wind loading characteristics, and combined with the low weight of the antenna, aids in the reduction of structural loading. 

Careful selection of the primary azimuth beam width enables a ground based co-phased fed tri-sector arrangement, giving an exceptional omnidirectional pattern, high gain and the option to reconfigure into individual sectors without the need to re-install the antenna system.

Electrical & mechanical specifications

Frequency range: 380 - 470MHz

Input Impedance: 50Ω

VSWR: <1.5 : 1

Front to Back ratio: >20 dB

Maximum Input Power: 400 Watts

Forward Gain: 13dBd (15.2dBi)

Polarisation: Vertical

3 dB Beamwidths: E Plane 17° +/- 2°; H Plane 72° +/- 5°

Beam Tilt Options: Electrical up to 15°; Mechanical up to 22°

Intermodulation: 3rd Order –153dBc for 2 x Tx @ 43d

BmConnection: 7/16 DIN Female

Radome: : Light Grey

Housing: Marine Grade Aluminium

Lightning Protection: Direct Grounded

Mounting Brackets: Options to be ordered separately (see below)

Weight: 8.5kg (without mounting brackets)

Unpacked Dimensions:1880mm x 320mm x 150mm

Typical wind Load @ 45m/s: 700N

Survival Wind Speed: 75m/s

Mounting Accessories

756.7020 - Tilt Bracket Assembly: 0 - 22° in 1° steps; to fit 38 - 120mm dia. Tube.

756.700 - Fixed Bracket Assembly: to fit 38 - 120mm dia. Tube.

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