Enterasys Networks launches identiFi Wi-Fi solution for high density environments

The Enterasys identiFi system is designed to support thousands of simultaneous devices in areas of high user density such as stadia and exhibition venues; it also deals with BYOD issues and is highly scalable

Enterasys Networks launches identiFi Wi-Fi solution for high density environments

Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications company, yesterday (6 November 2012) announced the launch of a new Wi-Fi technology aimed at solving issues associated with BYOD and seamless user experience in high density environments. 

The Enterasys identiFi Wi-Fi solution is also designed to address critical industry requirements including scalability, securing and application performance to deliver near wired like performance. 

The company said that its identiFi solution can deliver high density Wi-Fi that can double normal high definition video performance and support 2,000 access points (APs) with up to 32,000 users per controller. identiFi solves issues associated with BYOD and seamless user experience in high density environments where bandwidth is often limited and service delivery is at best patchy, or at worst, unusable. It is designed to be especially effective in high density environments such as sports stadia, concert and exhibition venues or hotel lobbies. 

The identiFi system has already been tested in action following last month’s installation at the NFL team, the New England Patriots’ stadium, in Boston, USA (see photo), where Enterasys successfully delivered a large-scale Wi-Fi solution to 70,000 users at the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium in 30 days. 

At the Gillette Stadium, 38,000 New England Patriot fans can access useable, real-time video, game stats and access to social networks, all within a Wi-Fi density of 4,000 clients (fans) per acre. The Patriots were seeking a solution to support this hyper-dense environment in which thousands of fan-owned devices in a very small footprint required reliable, high-performance access to real-time multimedia streaming. 

The IdentiFi technology

Enterasys IdentiFi is part of an integrated wired and wireless OneFabricTM Edge architecture encompassing access points, controllers and management software. IdentiFi addresses all critical industry requirements, including scalability, visibility, security, and application performance. 

Through seamless integration with IdentiFi, Enterasys said it is the first vendor to demonstrate advanced real-time analytics for integrated wired and wireless networks with its Mobile IAM solution.

Enterasys IdentiFi solution includes the following:

IdentiFi 3700 Series access points: purpose-built to meet the security, reliability, density, and availability required for the high on-demand traffic of mobile and BYOD users. IdentiFi access points are easy to deploy, less costly than wired solutions, and deliver wired-like performance for an exceptional user experience. 

IdentiFi Controllers: new physical and virtual controllers that provide high availability and capacity, as well as enterprise-grade wireless out-of-the-box. 

IdentiFi Radar RF Management & Security: new RF management, spectrum analysis, location awareness, and security features are built into the IdentiFi solution and included at no additional cost. 

OneFabric Control Center: provides centralized, policy-driven, single-pane of glass management for wired and wireless network.

Pricing and Availability

Enterasys IdentiFi is available now with pricing startinh at $595 (approx £399) for the entry-level 3705i access point.

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