Huawei announces commercial deployment of UMTS flexible carrier bandwidth solution

Solution will allow mobile network operators to improve spectrum efficiency by up to 24% allowing them to use less than the required 5MHz of spectrum needed for UMTS network

Huawei announces commercial deployment of UMTS flexible carrier bandwidth solution

Huawei today (6 November 2012) announced what it claims is the industry's first successful large-scale commercial deployment of a UMTS flexible carrier bandwidth solution on five networks in Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Canada, and Poland. The solution improves spectrum efficiency by up to 24%, helping operators cut back on costly spectrum fees to improve business efficiency.

Over the next ten years, mobile broadband traffic is expected to increase by 500 times. UMTS remains a mainstream mobile broadband standard due to its inherent advantages in providing capacity, coverage, and user experience. A standard UMTS network requires at least 5MHz of spectrum resources to deploy, but with Huawei’s UMTS flexible carrier bandwidth solution, UMTS networks can be deployed using only 4.6MHz, 4.2MHz and 3.8MHz of spectrum resources. 

This improves spectrum efficiency up to 24% to help operators solve spectrum challenges related to reframing for GSM/UMTS 900MHz and GSM/UMTS 850MHz. Such highly efficient spectrum re-usage enables operators to maximize returns on their investments.

The Huawei UMTS solution also allows for high quality network performance for deployment scenarios below bandwidths of 5MHz. This is made possible by innovative technologies developed for spectrum planning, interference cancellation, interference control, and traffic migration. The UMTS solution does not depend on devices, enabling operators to quickly deploy large-scale commercial networks.

Ying Weimin, President of Huawei GSM&UMTS&LTE Wireless Networks, said: ‘Huawei is currently the only vendor to successfully deploy a UMTS flexible carrier bandwidth solution for a large-scale commercial network. We will continue to focus on our customers’ needs and deploy solutions that support smaller bandwidths. Huawei is leading UMTS technological innovation by providing the best user experience and promoting the development of the whole mobile broadband industry.’

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