New processor from CML adds digital advantages to analogue two-way radios

New CMX188 Analogue Communications Enhancements processor will enable analogue radio users to make use of some of the functionality of digital radios such as digital voice encryption, voice storage and retrieval and instant voice capture

New processor from CML adds digital advantages to analogue two-way radios

CML Microcircuits has launched a new ACE (Analogue Communications Enhancements) Processor, the CMX188.

The CMX188 ACE Processor is specifically targeted at providing the digital advantage to analogue two-way radios and walkie-talkies, serving both licence-free and licensed two-way radio market sectors. The CMX188 provides a combination of an embedded low bit-rate vocoder, audio-band modem and digital voice features.

The migration from analogue to digital two-way radio is proving to be very slow, with the majority of two-way radios in the field still being analogue. This slow transition is associated with the complexity and implementation cost of modern digital radio systems together with the need to provide backward compatible operating modes, to enable communication with the wealth of legacy analogue systems already deployed today. 

The CMX188 ACE Processor solves these problems, bringing new life to analogue PMR radios by working alongside the radio’s existing analogue baseband processing and providing the digital advantage.

The plug and play solution provided by the CMX188 ACE Processor provides a completely new approach by enabling digital voice features and functionality not normally found on analogue two-way radio. These include: secure digital voice encryption, digital voice storage/retrieval including step back feature, instant voice capture to eliminate PTT clipping, auto-adaptive VOX and packet data.

Built into the CMX188 is CML’s proven and reliable RALCWI (Robust Advanced Low Complexity Waveform Interpolation) vocoder providing near toll quality speech at a low bit-rate. Noise gating is included in the Vocoder function, in both transmit and receive operations to minimise the effects of background noise and improve the overall voice quality.

The CMX188 is a plug-and-play device built on CML’s FirmASIC technology and is available in small 48-pin VQFN and LQFP packages.

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