Intermec unveils CK3 series of mobile computers

CK3X and CK3R rugged mobile computers are designed for warehouse and retail environments respectively and provide an easy migration from the CK3B computer

Intermec unveils CK3 series of mobile computers

Intermec has launched its CK3 next generation series of rugged mobile computers for use in distribution centre, manufacturing and retail operations. The CK3 series is comprised of two models – the CK3X and CK3R – which utilise a 1GHZ OMAP architecture to optimise workforce performance. Intermec says the two handheld computors provide 'industry-leading battery life, enhanced barcode scanning, superior device health monitoring and broad compliance for emerging industry standards such as HTML5'. 

The CK3X

The CK3X is optimised for warehouse operations and is designed to make migration from the current CK3B easy, while the CK3R is optimised for light industrial and retail front of store applications. Maintaining the current CK3B form factor and rugged design, legacy applications and backwards-compatible accessories allows customers to seamlessly migrate to the latest technology without an additional investment in chargers, docking stations or scan handles.

The CK3X features a choice of integrated area imagers for standard range or near/far range scanning. It provides scanning on 1D and 2D bar codes including the ability to read poor quality or damaged codes. The scan engines also offer support for omni-directional scanning and high motion tolerance for improved efficiency. 

It also features a highly adaptable design supported by the latest RF standards - 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth radio, as well as an optional RFID reader accessory. It will withstand multiple five-foot (1.5 meter) drops to concrete across all operating temperatures. It also delivers industry-leading battery life performance, lasting through a full shift and beyond without requiring workers to replace or recharge batteries. 

The CK3R 

The CK3R aims to provide a mix of functionality and value for light industrial and retail environments.  he CK3R’s slightly smaller size offers an even lighter, more ergonomic form factor for front of store retail applications and also contains the newly introduced EA31 imaging engine for quick and accurate scanning operations and support for omni-directional scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes. 

In addition, the CK3R is designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use with a rugged, laser-etched keypad, a four-foot (1.2 meter) drop rating to concrete across all operating temperatures and an IP54 seal rating against rain, moisture and dust.  

Both the CK3X and CK3R make transitioning from other mobile computers easy with device configuration tools like CloneNGo – Intermec’s device provisioning – which makes it easy to ‘clone’ device settings from a single master unit to an unlimited number of devices. 

Both the CK3X and CK3R use the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld operating system and are therefore compatible with a wide range of software applications – from warehouse management systems to other mission-critical tools developed by the Intermec PartnerNet Independent Service Provider (ISV) community. 

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