Athonet’s PriMo network core in a box deployed in Spain’s first TD-LTE 2.6 GHz network

Athonet in partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks, the Consortium of Advanced Telecommunications (COTA) and WIMAX Online bring TD-LTE to Murcia, Spain for one of Europe’s earliest deployments of 2.6GHz TDD technology

Athonet’s PriMo network core in a box deployed in Spain’s first TD-LTE 2.6 GHz network

COTA, a new player in Spanish telecoms, in conjunction with Wimax Online has successfully completed the first LTE pilot in the region of Murcia, Spain, based on Athonet’s PriMo LTE Mobile Core Network solution (pictured) and TD-LTE radio access by Nokia Siemens Networks. The two companies are to launch commercial broadband internet access services to customers by early fall of this year. 

The COTA and Wimax Online partnership is a good example of a local operator getting early into the LTE market by using a flexible and efficient business model. COTA acquired 10 MHz in the 2.6 GHz band auction in the summer of 2011 and immediately began to plan its field activities, while WIMAX Online will benefit from the wholesale LTE access provided by COTA. 

They will provide DSL-like services in the Murcia region where access to Internet connections and VoIP, for example, is presently not possible. COTA also plans to provide television services through an IP-TV-platform in the future. 

The end-to-end TD-LTE solution is based on the innovative cost-efficient complete LTE mobile core network solution provided by Italian firm Athonet and Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi-BTS technology together with TD-LTE CPEs. 

The deployment marks the first Single Radio Access Network (RAN) TD-LTE project in South Europe, the first Band 38 TD-LTE deployment in Spain, and one of the first 4G networks in South Europe. Using advanced TDD/FDD, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) techniques and Single RAN TD-LTE is the most cost-effective solution for the acquired band. 

The end-to-end TD-LTE service is based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station technology together with existing TD-LTE customer premises equipment (similar to Wi-Fi routers), the CPE indoor 7212 and CPE outdoor 7210. Athonet provided core network components for COTA using its PriMo solution.

Karim El Malki, Athonet’s CEO, said: ‘Our PriMo solution demonstrated once more that our customers can be first to the LTE market with a quick-to-deploy user-friendly system that provides high performance, high capacity and high reliability in a cost-efficient way. We’re pleased to work with forward-thinking operators like COTA and Wimax Online who are using LTE to extend high quality cost-efficient IP services to consumers and businesses.’

Miguel Araujo, head of customer teams for Spain and Portugal at Nokia Siemens Networks, said: ‘Nokia Siemens Networks understood that the first priority for COTA was to provide best-in-class customer experience for the end users. We put our focus and attention in building flexible Single RAN capacity to meet the growing demand for broadband services in the region of Murcia.’

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