Centennial Hall of Bochum uses Xirrus Wi-Fi to connect audience with artists

New Xirrus Wi-Fi system will increase the interaction between thousands of guests and artists

Centennial Hall of Bochum uses Xirrus Wi-Fi to connect audience with artists

Wireless network provided Xirrus has been selected by the Centennial Hall of Bochum to deliver high-speed, high-capacity wireless as a means of enhancing audience participation and overall experience. 

The installation of high-performance Xirrus wireless arrays will provide visitors with access to real-time information on the artwork, performers, event staff, and the facilities on their mobile devices, enabling interaction during onsite events and performances. The Centennial Hall of Bochum is now able to deliver four times more performance to its wireless users, while reducing equipment by 97% over competing offerings, according to Xirrus.

The Xirrus solution includes six XR arrays in total, four XR-4420 wireless arrays were used in the 8,800 square meter main hall and smaller steam blast hall, with two XR-1220 wireless arrays used in the secondary buildings. The network supports an average of 1,500 concurrent users and is expandable to support 5,000. The entire network took only one day to install and configure. A conventional Wi-Fi approach would have involved at least 30 access points, six to eight controllers, 1.2km of cable, and weeks to install, the company claims.

The Centennial Hall of Bochum consists of a set of historical buildings of exceptional architecture, which hosts art festivals, concerts, and trade fairs, including acting as host for the annual Ruhrtriennale, Germany's largest and most prestigious art festival, which draws more than 45,000 visitors and includes over 100 events and 37 theatrical productions across 12 locations. 

To deliver a more connected, more meaningful experience for the audiences, the Centennial Hall of Bochum required a high-capacity, reliable, and secure wireless solution that would allow for streaming content, including voice and video, across thousands of simultaneous wireless connections. 

Bochumer Veranstaltungs-GmbH CEO Andreas Kuchajda said: ‘We were impressed with Xirrus right away. It quickly became clear that the company was right for our project. We think in similar ways and wanted more than just average results. Xirrus provided us with the perfect highly-scalable wireless solution that matched our technical requirements and enables us to provide an inspiring cooperative experience for our clientele.’ 

‘Because the Xirrus solution scales so easily and securely, we won't have to rebuild the system as we grow our services,’ commented Horst Muhlberger, Technical Director of the Jahrhunderthalle. Plans are underway to offer real-time, interactive background information about art installations, live performances, and other events, enabling visitors additional ways to experience the on-site events via their mobile devices. 

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