ZTE debuts cloud computing based ICT solution

New platform is designed to converge networks to provide a cloud based solution for smart cities and is part of ZTE’s new focus on enterprise market

ZTE debuts cloud computing based ICT solution

Telecommunications equipment provider ZTE Corporation has announced a series of ICT convergence solutions based on a cloud computing platform, which are aimed at creating a transparent and intelligent system to improve government and enterprise efficiency. 

The announcements made at ITU Telecom World 2012 and GiTEX E 2012 in Dubai in October are designed to expand public service capabilities and support enterprise customers’ innovation goals, improve the quality of life for the general public, and eliminate digital gaps in societies.

The ZTE solutions converge networks, platforms and applications along with image and data acquisition systems. Using them, a smart city can provide a public platform based on a cloud computing based data switching centre; a national broadband network integrating wireline broadband, wireless broadband, OSS and cloud computing based public service platforms; smart-grids covering every link from power generation to customer service. 

The highly efficient systems have the ability to react intelligently to a vast range of data inputs and can enable end users to enjoy convenient and fast services across a wide range of sectors.

‘This is one of the company’s key strategies in 2012, and ZTE has accumulated 15 years’ experience in the government and enterprise networks market,’ said ZTE vice president Xu Ming. 

‘ZTE has made significant inroads in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) enterprise network market, and has gained experience by leading ICT convergence solutions in South Africa, Egypt, Botswana, Mauritius, Nigeria and Tanzania. Together with partners, ZTE is committed to speeding up the development of government and enterprise information technology to improve efficiency, boost business competitiveness and construct a safer social environment,’ said Xu Ming.

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