Zetron conducts successful testing of its Acom system with seven radio manufacturers

Advanced Communications system uses open-standard, console sub-system interface (CSSI)-based technologies to provide customers with improved interoperability, compatibility, flexibility and choice

Zetron conducts successful testing of its Acom system with seven radio manufacturers

Zetron, the mission-critical communications solutions provider, has announced the successful testing of its Advanced Communication (Acom) system using console sub-system interface (CSSI)-based technologies with seven leading manufacturers’ radio infrastructure systems. 

The tests, written according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) CSSI standard, ensure that the equipment will integrate and perform together as the CSSI standard requires. Partners in these efforts thus far include: Tait; Harris; Cassidian; Auria Wireless; Motorola; Raytheon; and Daniels Electronics.

Zetron, a subsidiary of the JVC Kenwood Corporation, says it is an ongoing and active supporter of the CSSI because it offers:

Enhanced interoperability: consoles that use CSSI-based technologies are able to interoperate with a wide variety of radios across agencies and jurisdictions.

Compatibility and choice: equipment that utilizes the CSSI is inherently compatible, even if it is from different manufacturers. This allows customers to choose equipment from multiple vendors rather than being limited to a single vendor’s proprietary offerings.

Cost effectiveness: because the CSSI supports expanded customer choice, it fosters healthy competition and fair pricing among vendors.

Zetron president and CEO, Ellen O’Hara, said: ‘Zetron is invested in thoroughly testing our CSSI-equipped Acom system with a wide range of manufacturers’ equipment. This gives our customers the widest possible choice in their selection equipment. Acom’s utilization of open standards and capacity for customization result in a solution that is flexible, interoperable, and capable of addressing our customers’ unique needs.’

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