SELEX Elsag to supply battlefield radios to Sweden's Home Guard

Swedish Home Guard will receive 8,700 enhanced encrypted personal role radios and 50 vehicle systems, which come with a PTT function and interfaces with other professional radios

SELEX Elsag to supply battlefield radios to Sweden's Home Guard

SELEX Elsag, part of the Finmeccanica grouop, has been selected by CELAB Communications AB, on behalf of Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, to supply a communication system to meet the battlefield needs of the Swedish Home Guard. 

SELEX Elsag is to supply 8,700 enhanced encrypted personal role radio (EZPRR) man-worn systems and around 50 vehicle systems in a phased programme of delivery ending in September 2013. 
The (EZPRR) communications system will be used for voice and data transmission between group/squad leaders, platoon commanders and platoon vehicles (tracked, wheeled and boats), as well as for internal group/squad communications. 

The EZPRR significantly enhances combat effectiveness by providing all informed communications to front line soldiers. Users on active service have described the introduction of the original personal role radio (PRR) as having a profound effect on the operational effectiveness of infantry. The EZPRR builds on that success, enhancing vital performance and, in turn, is now operationally proven. 

The EZPRR uses advanced 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology packaged to meet the demanding needs of the soldier. The EZPRR system is easy to use through its simple human-machine interface, is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear yet is rugged enough to sustain the harshest environments presented by active front line operations. 

The modularity of the EZPRR design leads to flexibility and its use in many scenarios. It includes a unique wireless push-to-talk (PTT) that enables the user to operate the radio without removing his hands from his weapon. It has an interchangeable switch pack that allows configuration to different roles (e.g., interface to a commander’s radio), and audio ancillaries that can be tailored to suit the needs of all users. 

The EZPRR can be configured in two roles. The PRR body is fitted with one of two interchangeable PTT switch assemblies: 

Single PTT Switch Pack - ‘Single user’, operating the EZPRR only 

Dual PTT Switch Pack - the commander is able to connect to the EZPRR and combat net radio (CNR). Second radio interfaces can be provided for MBITR, Harris, SINCGARS, PR4G, Bowman, TETRA, ICOM, Motorola and other professional radios. 

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