Hytera upgrades Dhaka police analogue radios with DMR system

First phase of digital radios for Dhaka police in Bangladesh is complete with 2,300 radios supplied and 15 districts covered by the new system

Hytera upgrades Dhaka police analogue radios with DMR system

Dhaka police in Bangladesh has completed the initial phase of upgrading its analogue communications system to a digital one by adopting a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solution provided by Hytera. 

The move is part of Bangladesh Police’s effort to bring all the police stations across the country into the network to ensure safe and efficient communication among them.

With the DMR system, the police can now enjoy clearer voice communications, along with the ability to communicate over longer distances. Versatile call types, including individual call, group call and all call, and text message are available for the police in daily communication like mobile phones. It also saves money for the police as there is no need to pay money to make phone calls.

In the previous analogue system one can easily hear conversations of others over their radios, which is no longer a problem for the DMR system thanks to its advanced encryption capability. The IP57 protection of Hytera DMR terminals further ensures reliable operation in harsh environments.

In the first phase, all the superintendents of police and inspectors under the districts have been provided with Hytera DMR handsets to improve the communication among them. On-duty police officers in each police station have also been equipped with the handsets to replace the analogue radios. So far, over 2,300 Hytera DMR units, including portable and mobile radios, as well as repeaters, have been delivered to introduce the system in 15 districts in range of Dhaka.

‘As a pilot project, we have already brought 15 districts among 17 of Dhaka range under the DMR system replacing the analogue one to maintain secrecy and clear communication among us,’ said Superintendent of Police Rofiqul Hassan Ghani.

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