Zetron offers first multi-vendor DMR-based console interface

Zetron’s DMR-based console interface for its Acom and MAX Dispatch systems will extend the ability of its products to interoperate with open-standards-based networks and equipment including DMR Tier III

Zetron offers first multi-vendor DMR-based console interface

Zetron has announced that its new DMR-based interface is now available. The product is the first multi-vendor console interface able to connect to a standards-based DMR Tier-III trunked network. 

It was engineered in conjunction with Tait Communications and is designed to work with Zetron’s Advanced Communication (Acom) and MAX Dispatch systems.

Zetron products already support Project 25 (P25) and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) standards. Thus, the new DMR-based interface extends even further Zetron’s support for open standards-based networks and equipment.

As Category 1 DMR Association members, Zetron and Tait are both working on the applications interface specification (AIS) that defines the standard for interfacing to conventional and trunked networks that are DMR-standards based.

‘Zetron’s joint effort with Tait to create a DMR-based interface is yet another demonstration of our commitment to open standards and the development products that offer our customers interoperability, cost-effectiveness, and choice,’ said Zetron President and CEO, Ellen O’Hara.

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