Ruckus Wireless provides Wi-Fi for Goodwood racecourses

Etherlive to install Ruckus Wireless equipment to provide Wi-Fi for live events and hospitality covering horse racecourse, motor circuit, hotel and Goodwood House

Ruckus Wireless provides Wi-Fi for Goodwood racecourses

Ruckus Wireless has announced that it has been selected by one of the UK’s leading event technology providers, Etherlive, to provide high-capacity Wi-Fi equipment to support the communications infrastructure across Goodwood, home of the world famous racecourse and motor-racing circuit in the UK. 

Goodwood hosts a number of high profile sporting and cultural events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival (14–16 Sept) and Glorious Goodwood attracting both the consumer and corporate hospitality. Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi equipment is being used throughout the estate. This includes The Goodwood Hotel, the motor circuit and racecourse, and Goodwood House itself. 

Etherlive will install and operate the Wi-Fi network using advanced 802.11n Wi-Fi products from Ruckus developed specifically for high-traffic environments. The Ruckus products uniquely integrate patented technology that adapts Wi-Fi signals to changing environmental conditions –‘steering’ them over faster, less noisy radio frequencies.

Up to 40 Ruckus Wireless access points have been deployed to cover a range of locations across the estate. Indoor sections of the estate have been equipped with Ruckus ZoneFlex 7962 dual-band 802.11n enterprise-class access points. The provision of the outdoor Wi-Fi network will be supported by a mixture of both ZoneFlex 7762, concurrent dual-band (2.4/ 5Ghz) 802.11n access points and ZoneFlex 7731s, which are based on the 802.11n standard and operate within the 5GHz band.

The network will allow those attending the event reliable access to social media through a network splash page which asks for their email in return providing Goodwood with a contact list of all those who use the service. The deployment is also designed to be commercially practical, enabling the use of Wi-Fi chip & pin terminals for transactions and the management of networked pay-gates. 

Major sponsors and corporate exhibitors use the reliable wireless network to communicate with head offices to process high value transactions and complete customer surveys using tablets and other mobile devices.  

Additionally, Etherlive is able to take advantage of Ruckus’ SmartMesh Networking enabling easy, on-demand deployment of Wi-Fi access points in locations where no computer network cabling is present. Etherlive can simply find a location requiring Wi-Fi service, plug a Ruckus access point into a power source and the device automatically uses the radio frequencies to establish a connection with another nearby access point.

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