Cassidian wins French public warning and information system contract

Cassidian to provide a new nationwide alerting system called SAIP to protect the French population on behalf of the French Ministry of the Interior

Cassidian wins French public warning and information system contract

Cassidian has been selected by the French Ministry of the Interior (MoI) to provide a global public warning and information system (Système d’Alerte et d’Information des Populations – SAIP). 

The contract includes the development, integration and through-life support of the SAIP software, as well as the casing for the warning sirens network. This new alerting system will supply the MoI with critical communications capabilities, enhancing emergency response and the safety of the French population.

The SAIP relates to the renewal of the public warning and information systems currently deployed in France. It will enable geographically targeted alerting via a network of sirens, mobile telephone services and warning and information systems providers, for instance, through variable message signs. 

The system is operates under the responsibility of the directorate-general of civil security and crisis management (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Civile et de la Gestion de Crise – DGSCGC) of the French MoI and will be accessible to national, regional and local authorities, as well as by mayors.

In the first phase of the SAIP project, the Emergency Notification System (ENS) developed by Cassidian, an EADS company, will be implemented and integrated with the French national shared transmission infrastructure INPT (Infrastructure Nationale Partageable des Transmissions). 

INPT – a secure TETRAPOL Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) network – was chosen as the preferred communication channel thanks to its resilience, security, coverage and total cost of exploitation. 

The ENS makes it possible to monitor the whole alerting system, using INPT network data capacities. In a second phase, Cassidian will supply 2,000 to 8,000 specific mobile TETRAPOL terminals, which will be customised for the programme. 

The SAIP system will also enable authorised personnel to deliver critical information or instruction via voice and text using multiple means of communication (e.g. landline, mobile phone, smartphone, pager, e-mail, etc.). 

‘The SAIP project will benefit from our extensive experience in this sector,’ said Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Secure Communication Solutions. ‘For nearly three decades, the notification solutions and services of Cassidian have served critical communications needs within the public and private sectors. 

‘Notable cases of use include Hurricane Katrina in the US and the H1N1 pandemic. Serving the notification needs of numerous federal agencies in the US, we fully understand and are able to meet the requirements of such mission-critical organisations as the DGSCGC,’ said Nasr.

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