Flexenclosure to develop renewable biogas powered telecom base station

Company receives grant for biogas system development from Sweden’s Innovation Agency to explore other renewable energy sources for telecoms besides solar and wind power

Flexenclosure to develop renewable biogas powered telecom base station

Flexenclosure, a specialist provider of intelligent telecom power management solutions, has received a SEK1.6M grant from Sweden’s Innovation Agency for the development of biogas as a renewable energy source for telecom base stations.

The funds are earmarked for the development of biogas as an alternative power source for eSite, alongside wind, solar, electricity grid and diesel generator power. eSite is Flexenclosure’s single cabinet fully integrated energy system developed for powering both on- and off-grid base stations. 

Offering extremely energy efficient power solutions to any telecom site without reliable grid power, eSite is capable of delivering up to 90 per cent savings on diesel and energy-related operating expenses. The SEK1.6M (US$230K; EUR190K) grant from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, is part of the Forska&Väx (Research&Grow) program aimed at supporting Swedish research and development.

Flexenclosure’s biogas project aims to develop a system for the production and upgrading of locally produced biogas and the development of telecom adapted, gas converted, spark ignition engine generator sets. The project is focused on India as a pilot market, motivated by Flexenclosure’s local presence in India and its partners, market size, and tough regulatory requirements for the use of green technology in telecommunications.

With this project underway, Flexenclosure’s green product offerings are now expanded beyond solar and wind power to include systems with biogas as a renewable energy source.

eSite to power any base station site without reliable powereSite is a new single cabinet energy system, developed for powering any base station site without reliable power. Available in three versions – eSite Core, eSite Solar and eSite Aero – it is highly flexible and thus suitable for both new sites and upgrades in all potential site conditions.

With the eSite portfolio, Flexenclosure can offer mobile operators a highly energy efficient and economical power solution for any base station site – whether on- or off-grid. Thanks to eSite being a fully integrated and optimized solution, end-to-end, eSite consistently achieves up to 90 per cent diesel savings, and equally high reductions in energy related operating expenses and CO2 emissions.

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