Cassidian equips German parliament building with TETRA radio system

Installation of indoor digital radio system for German security authorities and organisations (BOS) in the German parliament building in Berlin now complete

Cassidian equips German parliament building with TETRA radio system

Cassidian has set up a complex digital indoor BOS TETRA radio system for the German parliament buildings in Berlin. When operations commence in October as planned, the new radio system will ensure secure communications for the operational units of the Berlin Fire Brigade during their missions. 

The next scheduled step is to migrate the police at the German parliament to the BOS system, so that they too can benefit from secure digital communications.

The new digital radio system replaces the existing analogue radio system in the German parliament buildings and is fully integrated in the terrestrial digital radio network for German security authorities and organisations (BOSNet), securing communications between all operational units both inside and outside the premises of the German parliament whenever required.

Full integration of the indoor radio system with the terrestrial radio system guarantees that all active network elements (including repeaters) are monitored, ensuring an immediate response to any need for servicing at any time and with the same quality as for the BOS digital radio system as a whole.

To keep the amount of construction work inside the buildings as low as possible and to ensure uninterrupted communications even during migration from analogue to digital radio, the system was designed in such a way that the majority of the existing antenna cables for the analogue radio system could continue to be used.

The move is part of the migration from analogue to digital radio for the emergency services throughout Germany, which is being overseen by The Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS). Once complete, it will be the largest TETRA radio network in the world, overtaking the UK’s Airwave emergency services network.

BDBOS is tasked with setting up, operating and ensuring the operability of a digital voice and data communication system for the police forces of the Federation and the Länder, fire brigades and rescue services, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, customs authorities and intelligence services.

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