iPass now has one million commercial Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide

Enterprise customers can access over one million Wi-Fi hotspots via the iPass Mobile Network in hotels, airports and through over 60,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots

iPass now has one million commercial Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide

iPass, the global Wi-Fi roaming provider for enterprises and telecom service providers, announced this week (7 August 2012) that the iPass Mobile Network now includes over a million premium, commercial Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

iPass enterprise customers have access to the network through the iPass Open Mobile platform and that telecom operators can utilize through the iPass Open Mobile Exchange to offer their subscribers the ability to roam without fear of bill shock and high data roaming costs. 

The iPass Mobile Network is the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network and connectivity platform with over 60,000 hotels, 2,618 airports, thousands of daily flights and over 60,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots. For enterprise customers, it provides aggregated access to over a million hotspots using a single login based on the user’s existing corporate credentials. 

The iPass Open Mobile Exchange enables telecom service providers and Wi-Fi network operators to forge direct and bilateral network agreements in order to reduce costs, gain operational efficiencies and drive market growth with access to a global, universal network.

Evan Kaplan, president and CEO at iPass, said: ‘Mobile devices and applications have forever altered the way we do business, how people connect and how marketing-driven telecom operators will bundle their network packages in the future. There is a momentous change happening in how we interact and communicate in this increasingly real-time connected world where devices are cheap and networks are expensive. 

‘Wi-Fi is a key enabler of this transformation and we are only just beginning. iPass is truly the market maker at the core of global Wi-Fi disruption by providing both enterprise and telecom operators with interconnect and access to this fragmented but universal network.’

Marcio Avillez, vice president of network services at iPass, added: ‘Wi-Fi is the perfect complement to a cellular offering providing the ability to extend the data roaming experience to millions of users who currently turn off data roaming when they travel. Innovation is at the heart of differentiating a mobile operator’s service and our global Wi-Fi network opens up unique opportunities for operators to monetize Wi-Fi networks by joining the iPass Open Mobile Exchange.’

‘iPass delivers a unique company-wide enterprise mobility service that enables a more productive workforce with global connectivity,’ said Christophe Culine, senior vice president of worldwide sales. ‘Business travelers get fast, secure, reliable connectivity virtually anywhere they roam for both IT managed devices and bring-your-own devices (BYOD). iPass keeps them well connected and productive without compromising enterprise security.’ 

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