DNA Tracker security system identifies and tracks mobile devices

Real time security and surveillance system uses geo-fencing to help protect airports and other high risk locations and will be on display at the 2012 Farnborough Air Show

DNA Tracker security system identifies and tracks mobile devices

DNA Tracker, a bespoke, intelligent security and surveillance system designed to protect airports, high-volume passenger terminals and other recognised locations of high risk, will be showcased at the 2012 Farnborough Air Show.

Utilising geo-fencing and other sophisticated technologies, DNA Tracker finds, identifies and tracks the movements of mobile devices that enter the ring-fenced zone in real time.

Developed for high-level security and policing, the system is built to meet the precise requirements of the client or project for any given scenario. DNA Tracker securely monitors mobile phone, laptop and tablet signals within a building’s interior, perimeter and defined open areas to look for unusual patterns of activity or to alert when certain individuals enter the monitored zone. 

Providing current intelligence on crowd numbers and movement at major sporting events, demonstrations, riots and other large public gatherings, authorities can react instantaneously as patterns emerge and the situation on the ground develops.

By constantly sweeping the target area, the system locks on and plots the exact location and movements of mobile devices while within the monitored area. This information is displayed live on the DNA Tracker interface in map view, tracker view or used to screen for specific individuals and devices.

Persons of interest or ‘out of the ordinary’ patterns in activity can be programmed to trigger an alert on the system, such as suspicious movements around vehicles in a car park, or individuals who should not be entering the monitored zone.

DNA Tracker has multiple applications across security, crime reduction, crowd control and the protection and monitoring of unoccupied properties.

Mark Stevens, managing director, DNA Tracker, said: ‘DNA Tracker, unlike other security systems that monitor mobile signals, identifies and tracks mobile signals in real time, not “after the event” or with triangulation. More effective and robust than GPS technologies, which often fail in large buildings with steel constructions, DNA Tracker has wide-ranging and game-changing applications. We are looking forward to demonstrating how effective the technology is and how it can be applied to security and crime reduction scenarios.’

DNA Tracker will be carrying out live demonstrations of the system at Stand AS11, Aviation Security Hall, from 9-13 July at the Farnborough Air Show.

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