Imtradex promotes FireTalk headset series

Use of FireTalk headsets and Aurelis Nexus handheld microphones seen as strong combination for fire brigades

Imtradex promotes FireTalk headset series

Imtradex is offering its FireTalk headset series and its Aurelis Nexus handheld microphones as the perfect combination of communication accessories for fire brigades .

The company says its multifunctional headsets and handheld microphones are tailored to the requirements of fire departments and have been proven under the most extreme conditions. This includes, in particular, the Imtradex FireTalk-headsets series, which comes with a helmet-adapter. They are designed to ensure smooth communication even in extreme heat.

Ralf Kudernak, managing director of Imtradex, commented: ‘Colleagues have to communicate with each other, but also with their supervisors at any time. It is vital in the event of fires to have coordinated action in the team, and in particular that each participant proceeds safely and correctly to the challenges.’ 

Imtradex supplies a large selection of helmet-adapters, which can be connected to all common fire helmets either in a fixed position or ones that can be repositioned according to need. 

Kudernak explained that FireTalk is the name of the programme, not just in terms of the resistance to heat and robustness, but also water proofing. Both the gooseneck microphone and the send button (PTT) are water resistant.

The FireTalk headsets are accompanied by the Aurelis Nexus, an ultra-lightweight handheld microphone that the company says sets standards for security and flexibility in the field of digital communications. 

The hand microphone was specially developed for digital radios. It weighs 180 grams and is equipped among other things with a transmit button, high-quality speakers, an emergency call button, a three-level volume control and a two-colour LED - depending on model. 

In addition, the device is also water resistant and it includes, along with the FireTalk headset, a Nexus jack so users can connect other accessories.

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