ZTE wins 40% share of China Telecom’s broadband project

Chinese manufacturer secures the lion’s share of what is described as the world’s largest broadband deployment for 2012

ZTE wins 40% share of China Telecom’s broadband project

ZTE Corporation has won a contract to supply 40% of China Telecom’s broadband equipment procurement project for 2012. The company said its share is the largest of any company participating in the project. 

China Telecom’s broadband equipment contract includes procurement of: PON- OLTs (passive optical network-optical line terminals); FTTB (fibre- to-the -business) MDUs (multiple dwelling units); and broadband terminals. It includes the supply of over 21 million units valued at approximately RMB4 billion (£400m). The project is described as the largest broadband procurement scheme in the world in 2012. 

Building IT infrastructure, including broadband, is a key part of China’s 2012 national development plan. China Telecom aims to increase its FTTH (fibre-to- the- home) user base by 25 million, and to expand its FTTH coverage to more than 55 million households. With the new project, China Telecom also anticipates adding 16 million users to reach a total of 100 million users. 

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