Simoco to launch end-to-end Xd DMR system this Autumn

Simoco Xd DMR system builds on Xfin technology and is designed to provide a smooth migration from analogue to digital

Simoco to launch end-to-end Xd DMR system this Autumn

Simoco, the mobile radio specialist, has announced it will launch its Simoco Xd DMR system in the Autumn. The system is described as a natural development from its IP- connected analogue Xfin system and is designed to deliver a smooth migration path for customers moving to the new digital standard.

Speaking ahead of the launch of Simoco’s Tier II and Tier III DMR offerings, Chief Technologist Andy Grimmett said: ‘The established benefits of DMR will be enhanced by Simoco’s experience in the switchless IP connected analogue market.

‘With Xfin we led the way in IP-based distributed architecture for PMR and our customers, particularly those in utilities, oil and gas have enjoyed the resilience and scalability that this delivers over large operational areas. We are utilising this expertise in our DMR range so that customers get all the advantages of Xfin with the additional benefits that the new standard digital brings.’

The new Simoco Xd DMR range from Simoco will combine all the benefits of the new open digital standard including enhanced audio, data over voice, lower infrastructure costs and higher capacity with no disruptions to the transition process.

Ian Carr, Chief Executive Officer of Simoco Group, added: ‘DMR is recognised as the major new radio standard for the future and we are committed to delivering products that provide the quality and performance Simoco is known for with added functionality.’

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