Femtocell services now available from all UK and French mobile operators

Femtocell mobile signal boosters for homes and businesses are now on offer from 43 operators globally, according to the Small Cell Forum

Femtocell services now available from all UK and French mobile operators

O2, Orange UK and Bouygues Telecom have announced plans to offer femtocell services, which boost mobile signals in customers’ homes and offices. The announcements mean that the UK and France have become the first markets globally where all the mobile operators are offering femtocells, according to the Small Cell Forum

O2 announced it has rolled out thousands of femtocells, including what it believes is the densest femtocell deployment anywhere in the world (1,500 femtocells in one apartment complex in London), while Orange UK also announced plans to roll out the technology this Summer – both announcements were made at Small Cell World Summit in London. 

They join Vodafone, Three and T-Mobile which already offer femtocell services. Meanwhile, separately, French operator Bouygues Telecom launched its own femtocell service too, thereby joining SFR, Orange and Free Mobile, which have also already announced services. 

Simon Saunders, Chairman of the Small Cell Forum, commented: ‘Femtocells have now been deployed by 43 operators globally and France and the UK have become the first markets where all operators have announced services. With nine of the top ten operators by revenue offering femtocells, the technology is proving to be a vital tool for improving mobile coverage and increasingly importantly capacity too. 

‘This comes at a time when the key femtocell technology is being employed in outdoor small cells, which will be crucial for providing much needed extra capacity in urban hotspots as well as rural areas,’ said Saunders. 

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